Are you going off the grid this summer? Part 1

If you’ve read books in my Hunt for Jack Reacher series, you know Reacher is as an expert at living off the grid. But he’s not the only one. Sixty-two million people across the globe are estimated to live off the grid in some capacity.

Although there are varying definitions of what this unique lifestyle entails – in the most practical sense, living off the grid refers to being disconnected from the public power grid. In Reacher’s case, he uses power but he doesn’t have a home of any kind.

While it is challenging (and expensive) to live off the grid permanently, many of us enjoy a temporary break from fast-paced lives and ever-present technology while camping. Camping off-grid Jack-Reacher style is an experience that requires skill, knowledge, and proper gear.

Here’s a list of some important tools to take with you if you plan on going off the grid this summer.

The most essential staples are obvious. You’ll need a tent, food and appropriate hiking gear depending on how remote you want to camp.

When choosing camping gear you should be looking for items that are high quality and lightweight. If you’re planning on staying overnight in multiple locations, finding a backpack that is well-suited to your needs should be a top priority.

When choosing a backpack you have two main options, an internal frame or external frame. Internal frames tend to fit more snuggly against the body, shifting less if you are scrambling up hills or whacking your way through thick brush. External frame backpacks sit further away from the torso and are better suited for those who plan on sticking to trails. Whichever option you choose, make sure that it’s waterproof!

Before choosing a sleeping bag, check the average nightfall temperatures of the area(s) you will be staying. There are many different types of sleeping bags available and getting a good night’s sleep is a must if you need to be alert in the wilderness.

Don’t forget a headlamp and other light sources such as flashlights!

Rather than carrying around gallons of water, opt for a water purifier. Of course, this will only come in handy if you are able to find a water source! There are several ways to purify water, from purchasing a water bottle with an inbuilt filtration system or using water filtration tablets.

If you’re like me and having a good cup of coffee is a staple for you every morning, you’ll want to bring either a light-weight and easy to pack a Single Cup Coffee Maker or the Coleman QuikPot™ Propane Coffeemaker for a more home-like experience.

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Have you read Jack Reacher’s Rules? It’s a handbook of sorts, full of helpful tips and nuggets of wisdom inspired by the way Lee Child’s Jack Reacher lives off the grid and operates without dying.

So far, at least.

Meanwhile —

Caffeinate and Carry On!

Diane Capri

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