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Would you like to have a free printable checklist of the books published in all my series? Here is the list for your quick reference. For a printable PDF copy, (free, of course), click here to download: Diane Capri Printable Book List  


Here are links to my books. Have you read them all? 

The Hunt for Jack Reacher (With Lee Child’s source books listed for your convenience)

Bulletproof Jack     (Source book: Make Me)
Lone Star Jack      (Source book: Echo Burning)
Jack Knife               (Source book: Never Go Back)
Straight Jack         (Source book: A Wanted Man)
Jack of Hearts         (Source book: Worth Dying For)
Jack Frost                (Source book: 61 Hours)
Full Metal Jack        (Source book: The Affair)
Prepper Jack            (Source book: Die Trying)
Jack of Spades         (Source book: Past Tense)
Ten Two Jack           (Source book: The Midnight Line)
Black Jack                 (Source book: Running Blind/The Visitor)
Jack the Reaper       (Source book: The Hard Way)
Deep Cover Jack      (Source book: Persuader)
Jack and Joe             (Source book: The Enemy)
Get Back Jack           (Source book: Bad Luck and Trouble)
Don’t Know Jack      (Source book: The Killing Floor)

Short reads:
Jack in the Green
Jack and Kill
Jack in a Box

Hit the Road Jack (Kim Otto Shorts Collection)

The Michael Flint Series

Blood Trails
Trace Evidence
Ground Truth

The Hunt for Justice Series 

Night Justice (Willa Carson)
Raw Justice (Jenny Lane)
Wasted Justice (Willa Carson)
Secret Justice (Willa Carson)
Twisted Justice (Willa Carson)
Due Justice (Willa Carson)

Short Reads:
False Justice (Willa Carson)
Fair Justice (Willa Carson)
True Justice (Willa Carson)
Cold Justice (Willa Carson)
Mistaken Justice (Jenny Lane)

Justice is Served (Willa Carson Shorts Collection)

The Park Hotel Mystery Series

Reservation With Death

Early Check Out
Room With A Clue
Late Arrival

The Jess Kimball Thrillers Series 

Fatal Dawn
Fatal Bond
Fatal Game
Fatal Fall
Fatal Error
Fatal Demand
Fatal Distraction

Short Reads:
Fatal Heat
Fatal Past
Fatal Edge
Fatal Enemy

Fatal Action (Jess Kimball Shorts Collection)

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