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Favorite Diane Capri mystery and thriller book quotes!

Quote- Jack in the Green- DogsQuote- SJ- PearlsQuote- Secret Justice- SecretsQuote- DKJ- In The WoodsQuote- JnK- Prius

Quote- Jack in the Green- Play NiceQuote- Don't Know Jack- AtlantaTwisted Justice Quote- HeatQuote- Jack in the Green- BreezeSurveillance QuoteQuote- Jack in the Green - DangerousQuote- Don't Know Jack- Coffees AromaQuote- DnJ- Under RadarQuote- Due Justice- BodyQuote- Get Back JackQuote- RJ- Tea TremorQuote- Don't Know Jack- Narrowed EyesQuote- Raw Justice- TutelageQuote- Raw Justice- Caged AnimalFatal Distraction Christmas Thriller QuoteQuote- Fatal Distraction- SunBleachedQuote- Twisted Justice- Lethal MarriageQuote- Don't Know JackQuote- Fatal Distraction- Ralph HayesQuote- Fatal Distraction- FireflyQuote- Jack In A Box- NectarQuote- Due Justice- DetroitDon't Know Jack- TequilaQuote- Fatal Distraction- Lips CoolingQuote- Twisted Justice- CompanyQuote- Get Back Jack- ChocolateQuote- Due Justice- Single LifeQuote- Secret Justice- UnlockQuote- Get Back Jack- Evil EyeQuote- Don't Know Jack- BrainsQuote- Secret Justice- BaileysFatal Distraction QuoteQuote- Don't Know Jack- LawAbidingQuote- Fatal Distraction- Shallow BreathingQuote- Raw JusticeQuote- Don't Know JackQuote- Due JusticeQuote- Due Justice- Sound SleepQuote- Don't Know Jack- AgingQuote- Fatal DistractionQuote- Fatal Distraction- From MarsQuote- Due Justice- WallowingQuote- Due JusticeQuote- Raw Justice- MystiqueQuote- Jack in the Green- MosquitoFlight 12- Chest Swelled Flight 12- Electricity Due Justice- Never See BulletQuote- Jack in the GreenTwisted JusticeRaw Justice QuoteQuote- Due JusticeQuote- Get Back JackQuote Cold JusticeQuote- Cold Justice- Hot ChocolateQuote- FT2- What Jordan Already Knew

Quote- Wasted JusticeQuote- False Truth 10Fatal Demand Jess Kimball ThrillerJack and Joe Mystery Novel

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