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Bet on Jack

Four military veterans are dead. One was under Jack Reacher’s protection. Were they murdered?

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Read Now! The Complete Jess Kimball Thrillers

His genius was not enough to keep him alive. Road rage has gone too far. When his classic muscle car is shoved off a mountain road near Denver, the car tumbles down the mountainside and bursts into flames. The young driver dies in a fiery blaze. Jess Kimball is assigned to cover the case for Taboo Magazine. Right from the start, Jess suspects murder. But where’s the motive?

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Ground Truth

A greedy man killed her years ago. Or did he?

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Read Now! Night Justice

Judge Willa Carson, Famous Restaurant Owner’s Wife, Kills Pedestrian is the top click bait headline for every citizen journalist with a smartphone video looking to make it big on social media. But is it true?

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Hunting Jack Reacher is Deadly Business

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