How do you catch a serial killer without becoming one of his victims?

For FBI Agents Kim Otto and Carlos Gaspar, the answer is: brains, brawn, and bullet-proof vehicles.

In, BLACK JACK, Otto and Gaspar are on a mission to find the elusive green paint bathtub killer. This is risky business that requires a lot of self-protection. But as Agent Otto discovers, sometimes tools of self-protection can backfire.

Black Jack: Hunt for Jack Reacher Thriller by Diane Capri

We all know that high ranking government officials ride in bulletproof vehicles – but did you know that you can too? If you’re willing to fork out the cash, that is. Leasing armored vehicles is a common practice across the globe. In some countries, bulletproof vehicles are a necessity.

There are many companies that offer short or long-term armored car rentals. These rental agreements can also include a driver who doubles as a fully trained security guard.

So what does it cost to stay safe on the road? A lot more than most of us can pay. Anywhere from $3,000 a day to a whopping $36,000 per week. Like the prices, the safety levels of armored vehicles vary according to the renter’s needs.


The Huron – Images courtesy of Thrillist.com

The Huron, built by INKAS Armored, is one of the best armored vehicles in terms of durability and speed. Built from a lightweight material that can endure grenades and landmines, this powerhouse is the perfect escape when you’re in a sticky situation.

If you’re looking to blend in a bit more you could opt for something sleeker, such as the Mercedez-Benz S600. The S600 boasts a blast-proof undercarriage and night vision technology. How’s that for safety?

Mercedez-Benz S600 – Image courtesy of Thrilist.com

Of course, armored vehicles are only safe if you’re inside of them and your enemy is outside.

Agent Otto learns this the hard way, in Black Jack. 

Riding in an armored car doesn’t mean you can put your guard down. After all, anything can happen to you once you exit the vehicle, too. In 2007, two unsuspecting guards were killed in an armored truck attack. The guards had left their truck to begin transporting money from a bank when they were ambushed and shot. In 2018 several attacks on guards in armored trucks have already happened.

Armored vehicles can be bought or rented by virtually anyone, even criminals. In most states, anyone with the required license can drive an armored vehicle. Where can you buy one? Several are listed for sale on websites such as Craigslist and eBay.

In 2015 a gunman used an armored van purchased on eBay to attack the Dallas Police Headquarters. He hid inside while shooting at police officers in a standoff that lasted several hours.

What say you? Would you rent or own an armored car?

If you do – check the backseat first. You never know where your enemies might be hiding.


Meanwhile —

Caffeinate and Carry On!

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