High Tech Thrills!

One of the great things about researching for a book is all the fascinating information you come across. Lately, I’ve been captivated by some cutting-edge technology that feels like it’s straight out of a spy novel: self-destructing emails.

This intriguing tool allows an email to automatically delete itself after a certain period or once it’s been read, ensuring that sensitive information disappears without a trace.

Of course, this is perfect for protecting confidential messages and maintaining privacy in our increasingly digital world.

You’ve probably seen this type of technology in action in the Mission Impossible movies, where messages self-destruct to keep secrets safe. It’s amazing to see such fiction-inspired technology becoming a reality.

Self-destructing emails are incredibly useful for anyone who needs to share sensitive information securely. They can prevent unintended recipients from accessing private messages and significantly reduce the risk of data breaches.

Whether you’re discussing business strategies, sharing personal details, or simply seeking an added layer of security, this technology provides peace of mind.

Imagine being able to send a message, knowing it will vanish after it’s read, leaving no trace behind. It’s not just about secrecy; it’s about protecting your information in an age where digital privacy is increasingly under threat.

Hmmm….My thriller writer brain says disappearing messages would certainly be useful for someone like Michael Flint. And what about the villains? All sorts of things could happen, right?

I hope you’ll read the story to find out how Flint uses high-tech gadgets in Hard Money — and recommend Flint to your friends, too! A full book description and the preorder links we have now are listed below. We should have an audiobook link for you soon, I hope! The amazing Corey Snow is hard at work on the narration and we’re getting close!

Pre-Order Hard Money now – releases July 23, 2024!

The thrilling new unputdownable Michael Flint novel from Best Selling Author Diane Capri!

Death stalks the Lyman family. No heir has lived to reach the age of thirty.

Two years ago, the last heir vanished. After an underwater explosion, his body was never found.

Accident, curse, or revenge?

Spencer Lyman managed to break free from his criminal underworld and build a legitimate empire. But escaping a crime syndicate is dangerous business.

Old man Lyman won’t accept that his grandson, Ward, is gone. He’s convinced Ward is out there, somewhere, and he’s desperate to find him before those who seek to destroy him finish what they started.

Michael Flint can track anyone, anywhere, dead or alive. Curses are nonsense. But accidents and revenge are all too real.

Can Flint uncover the truth and find Ward before time runs out, or will the family curse finally claim its last heir and end the Lyman empire permanently?

Pre-order the eBook: Diane Capri Store

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Meanwhile —

Caffeinate and Carry On!

Diane Capri

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