Is Jack Reacher Still A Wanted Man?

Is Jack Reacher Still A Wanted Man?

We’re wrapping things up here and will be headed back to Florida soon. But first — it’s time to let you know about Straight Jack!

Yes, I’m happy to report the Kim Otto Quartet project is going very well so far, considering the forced vacation due to my broken arm. I’m healing well. Thank you for all of the get-well wishes. Although my writing time is limited because of the arm, I’m working on the March 2022 book right now. With luck, we’ll still make it on time. If not, we’ll be close to our originally planned publication date and I’ll keep up updated along the way.

Kim Otto’s quartet began with Jack Frost in March. The source book was 61 Hours. We followed up with Jack of Hearts, the source book for which was Worth Dying For.

Next up is Straight Jack  which releases November 2.
I can’t wait for you to read it!

Here’s the cover. Stunning, isn’t it? Cory Clubb has once again produced a winner!



Maybe you’d like to know a bit about the book. Here’s the description:

A wanted man. Wanted…dead.

Four men in a van barrel toward Chicago on a crime spree fueled by greed and vengeance. One man driving, another preoccupied with the sophisticated plan. In the back, a new recruit worried and wary, another angry and hot-headed.

A day behind them, at a lonely motel in an out of the way New Mexico town, an unthinkable murder brings FBI Special Agent Kim Otto to a dead stop.

Soon, Otto realizes the murder is tied to a massive crime wave.

Otto and her new partner pursue Reacher’s prey to Chicago and reconnect with his old friend.

Frances Neagley fills in a few missing pieces and teams up with Otto in a race to stop the killers before a powerful unknown enemy can destroy them all.

Click on the links below to preorder Straight Jack or download a sample from your favorite retailers:


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Preorder the eBook or print worldwide: BookDepository

As you know, each of my Hunt for Jack Reacher series novels uses a source book from my friend Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels as a jumping off point.

Yes, as you probably guessed, the source book for Straight Jack is A Wanted Man

 If you haven’t read A Wanted Man and you’d like to read it before Straight Jack releases November 2, just click on the book cover below for links to all retailers.


Meanwhile —

Caffeinate and Carry On!

Diane Capri

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