Jake Reacher is back, by popular demand!

Who is Jake Reacher?

We meet him when he first stepped into the Hunt for Jack Reacher in novel #9, Jack of Spades. We had another chance to spend time with Jake in novel #15, Jack Knife. If you’ve read both of these, then you’ve met Jake. What do you think?
For those of you who haven’t met him, as Jake puts it, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the orchard.” He is Jack Reacher‘s nephew, and with a few important differences, he looks and thinks a lot like his elusive uncle.

I wasn’t sure how we’d like Jake back when he first showed up. I mean, he’s not Jack, right? But you loved him! And the truth is, I’m a little in love with Jake, myself.

As Jake‘s story progresses, he becomes more involved with Kim Otto and in the hunt for Reacher.

It was clear Jake wanted to be a more central part of the series, so I let him! I hope you enjoy the part he plays in Bet on Jack.


Bet on Jack 
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FBI Special Agent Kim Otto teams up with Jake Reacher and picks up where Lee Child leaves off in the Hunt for Jack Reacher.

Four military veterans are dead. One was under Jack Reacher’s protection.

Were they murdered?

His Gold Star wife implores the Army to help find her husband’s killer. A request Jake Reacher’s CO can’t refuse.

The unraveling begins and every answer Jake and FBI Special Agent Kim Otto find spawns more shocking questions.

With few allies and too many enemies, they slam into a terrifying conspiracy.

Ruthless men with everything to gain. And one woman with nothing to lose.

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