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Jack of Hearts

FREE Sneak Peek Sample – Jack of Hearts!

I’m happy to report Kim Otto’s Quartet Project  is still going well. The first draft of the November 2021 book is on track to be finished on time. If I can avoid distractions! Kim Otto’s quartet began with Jack Frost in March. The source book was 61 Hours. I’m dying to share this book with you. […]

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What’s Coming Soon from Diane Capri?

It’s been a busy time around here for us. We’re preparing for the annual “snowbird migration” when we move ourselves from Tampa to Traverse City for the summer. This is always a pleasure and a big job. We do look forward to the lilacs and the lake and all the wonderful summer produce Up North! […]

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Jack Frost Celebration eReader Giveaway! 

Daylight savings time started last week, and I’m not anywhere close to back on track yet. You, too? Thank you for all of your support, especially as we  launched Jack Frost into the world. You know I believe you’re the best readers in the world. Because you are! And with your help, Jack Frost got […]

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Jack Frost – Read Now!

Can you believe it? Jack Frost is the 11th novel in the Hunt for Jack Reacher Series and it’s out now! Whoo Hoo! If you preordered Jack Frost, you should have received it this week. I hope you’ll grab your copy of Jack Frost and read over the weekend — I can’t wait to find out […]

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Full Metal Jack: Celebrate with a Giveaway!

Enter for a Chance to Win! Today’s the Day! Full Metal Jack is a special book for me for a lot of reasons. I really hope you love it — and tell all your friends! This is my tenth novel in this series and the early reviews are stellar!  And my friends Lee Child and […]

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Full Metal Jack: after The Affair

Back to the Beginning… As you know, the Lee Child source book for Full Metal Jack is The Affair. I chose The Affair because it’s the story of the end of Reacher’s career with the army and the start of his life as we know it. Full Metal Jack is a special book for me […]

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Who is Jake Reacher?

Who is Jake Reacher? As promised, I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you a bit more about Jack of Spades.  The eighth novel  (eleventh book) in my Hunt for Jack Reacher Series Jack of Spades is available now!  If you haven’t placed your order for Jack of Spades yet, I put the links below so […]

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Is someone spying on you? Part 2

As you know, I write a series of novels about FBI Special Agent Kim L. Otto working off the books to find Jack Reacher. Although Agent Kim Otto is off the books, she is never unwatched. The efforts she makes to both avoid and use the constant surveillance threats are some of my reader favorites. […]

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Do you lock your doors?

How secure is your home? A survey of 1000 Americans across the country conducted by SafeHome.org discovered that only 54% of the participants regularly locked the doors to their homes. As I do with each of my books, while I was writing Ten Two Jack I did a ton of research. A while back I […]

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Luxury At Its Finest: Private Aircrafts

How do you catch a serial killer without becoming one of his victims? For FBI Agents Kim Otto and Carlos Gaspar, the answer is: brains, brawn, and private jets. In, Ten Two Jack, Otto, and Gaspar are sent to find the elusive Jack Reacher. This is a deadly business that requires discrete travel. My characters, […]

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