How did Gaspar add Michael Flint to the team?

We’ve been talking about the unputdownable Michael Flint Series. Last time, I explained how and why I’ve added Carlos Gaspar, one of your favorite characters, to the new series.

I promised to share how Gaspar added Michael Flint to Kim Otto’s team. So let’s get right to it, shall we?

Avid readers of my Hunt for Jack Reacher series may remember that Kim Otto’s first partner, Carlos Gaspar sent Michael Flint to assist Kim in Prepper Jack.

After Gaspar retired, innocent preppers were caught in the fallout as ruthless cartels battling for American drug dollars sought to devastate the community and destroy the people who lived there. After Kim was attacked and nearly killed, she wanted just the right help to finish the mission. Viable candidates were thin on the ground.

Which was when Gaspar sent Michael Flint to help Kim out. Flint was more than adequate for the job!

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I’m thrilled to report that Gaspar will continue his role as Kim’s unofficial partner in the Hunt for Jack Reacher.
And you’ll also be seeing more of Gaspar in Blood Trails  and later books in the Michael Flint series.
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Without further ado, I’m excited to announce the revised and updated re-issue of the Michael Flint series!

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Michael Flint promises he can find anyone, anytime, anywhere – dead or alive. Now he’s forced to prove it.

More than $50 million in mineral royalties are up for grabs. The legal heir has disappeared. Two Texas oil barons, who will stop at nothing to win their bitter rivalry, desperately need to locate her before it’s too late. In a hunt stretching from dusty, hot West Texas to snowy Saskatchewan, Flint finds himself caught in the crossfire between dueling tycoons and greedy mercenaries out for their own piece of the pie. On Flint’s side? A knack for keeping himself alive, a hard-won moral code, and buried questions about his own family that drive everything he does. With blood-pumping action and adventure, twists and turns pile up until the final nail biting conclusion as Michael Flint searches for a woman whose very life depends on never being found.

Releases June 21!
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