Learn how I’ve added one of your favorite characters to this new series!

We’ve been talking about the unputdownable Michael Flint Series. Last time, I promised to share how I’ve added Carlos Gaspar, one of your favorite characters, to the new series. So let’s get right to it, shall we?

Avid readers of my Hunt for Jack Reacher series may remember that Kim Otto’s first partner was Carlos Gaspar. Once they got to know each other, they became the best of what a close working relationship can be. Together, they discovered that hunting Jack Reacher was  very dangerous business, indeed.

Gaspar put his life on the line for Kim one too many times. Which made them both realize that he couldn’t keep doing the job. Gaspar’s a married man with a devoted wife and (now) five kids. He owed it to his family, Kim, and himself to stay alive and productive as long as possible.

Or, as he put it, “I’ve got mouths to feed and twenty years of productive life to go before I can think about hanging it up.”

After Gaspar barely survived a murder attempt,  a job too good to be true came along, Gaspar felt he had no choice but to accept. He retired from the FBI. Here’s how he described his new role, where he’d be working with Michael Flint, to Kim in his usual low-key way:

“A firm based in Houston. Private investigations. Pretty high end. Follow the money, take a cut. Fewer bullets flying, less travel.” He shrugged.

Kim sorely missed working with Gaspar and she felt lost without his unwavering loyalty. Many of you felt the same. Readers loved Gaspar and wrote to me often, requesting that I bring him back on stage.

Which is why it didn’t take long before Gaspar was back to helping Kim continue the Hunt for Reacher on the down low. And soon, Gaspar added Michael Flint to Kim’s team, too. (More on that next time…).

I’m thrilled to report that Gaspar will continue his role as Kim’s unofficial partner in the Hunt for Jack Reacher.
And you’ll be seeing more of Gaspar in Blood Trails  and later books in the Michael Flint series.

We’ll begin with Blood Trails, releasing on June 21, which has been revised and edited a bit from the original. I’ve added Gaspar to the mix, and he’ll have a more active role as the series heats up. Next up will be Trace Evidencereleasing on January 24, 2023, also revised and edited from the first editions. The third book in the new series will be revealed in good time…

Without further ado, I’m excited to announce the revised and updated re-issue of the Michael Flint series!

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Michael Flint promises he can find anyone, anytime, anywhere – dead or alive. Now he’s forced to prove it.

More than $50 million in mineral royalties are up for grabs. The legal heir has disappeared. Two Texas oil barons, who will stop at nothing to win their bitter rivalry, desperately need to locate her before it’s too late. In a hunt stretching from dusty, hot West Texas to snowy Saskatchewan, Flint finds himself caught in the crossfire between dueling tycoons and greedy mercenaries out for their own piece of the pie. On Flint’s side? A knack for keeping himself alive, a hard-won moral code, and buried questions about his own family that drive everything he does. With blood-pumping action and adventure, twists and turns pile up until the final nail biting conclusion as Michael Flint searches for a woman whose very life depends on never being found.

Releases June 21!
Special eBook Preorder Price! Only $3.99!!
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