Have you watched Season 2 of Reacher?

Did you know that Amazon Prime’s Reacher Season 2 is airing now?

Have you watched it yet?



Are you watching Reacher?

Speaking of the passage of time, it seems like we waited forever for Amazon Prime’s Reacher Season 1 and then another eternity for Season 2, doesn’t it?

But Reacher Season 2 is finally running now! Have you watched it yet?

The show is fantastic, and they’ve already begun filming Season 3 as well!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if they did a spin-off show featuring Otto and Gaspar? I would love that. How about you?

Well, it seems like there are other folks who’d love it, too. Did you see this article in Screen Rant, which calls my Hunt for Jack Reacher Series the perfect spin off? (Click on the title of the article below to read)

The perfect Reacher spin off was already set up by a book series (and it’s not by Lee Child)

Many of you know that the Lee Child source book for Reacher, Season 2, is Bad Luck and Trouble.

Bad Luck and Trouble is also the source book for my novel, Get Back Jack.

So of course, we’ve chosen Get Back Jack for …

Our Annual Last Call Sale!

As is our annual tradition here, we’re running our year-end Last Call sale right now!

And, you guessed it, the book we’re featuring is Get Back Jack!

To celebrate the new season of Reacher, you can grab Get Back Jack in eBook format for only $2.99!

Last call! Sale ends soon!




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Meanwhile —

Caffeinate and Carry On!

Diane Capri

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