Bet on Jack—Dog tags are a mystery!

What would you do if you found an unknown murder victim?

Cases can go cold quickly when the body remains unidentified for too long. We all know that cold cases are much more difficult to solve. So time is of the essence when a body is first discovered.

Without obvious identification like a wallet or credit card or cell phone, identifying the victim quickly enough can be a challenge. Especially in a big city full of tourists and transients. While there are DNA samples on file in various databases around the US and the world, law enforcement’s access to those databases can be limited and slow to provide results.

In fiction, unique methods of identifying people, living and not, are part of the fun of writing and reading the story. While writing Bet On Jack, I consider the unique and common characteristics of the victims and crimes to create a story I hope you’ll love.

We all know that Kim Otto is clever and resourceful and the star of the Hunt for Jack Reacher Series. Sometimes she’s lucky, too. In Bet On Jack, she uses all of her skills to stay alive. And she has a bit of luck, finally.

Most of you probably know what “dog tags” are. In a world before DNA and biometric identification systems existed, dog tags were used primarily as a method for identifying casualties. The US Army began using them in 1906.

Dog tags are created from corrosion resistant metal and typically were worn in pairs. This allowed one dog tag to be removed from the body and the other to stay with the body for identification purposes. They can not only help identify the person but also what branch of military they serve. Dog tags can include information such as religious affiliation, blood type, allergies, or even gas mask size.

So when Kim Otto discovers a dog tag on a murder victim found in a Washington D.C. alley it leads Kim into even more trouble.

Bet on Jack releases November 7, 2023
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FBI Special Agent Kim Otto teams up with Jake Reacher and picks up where Lee Child leaves off in the Hunt for Jack Reacher.

Four military veterans are dead. One was under Jack Reacher’s protection.

Were they murdered?

His Gold Star wife implores the Army to help find her husband’s killer. A request Jake Reacher’s CO can’t refuse.

The unraveling begins and every answer Jake and FBI Special Agent Kim Otto find spawns more shocking questions.

With few allies and too many enemies, they slam into a terrifying conspiracy.

Ruthless men with everything to gain. And one woman with nothing to lose.

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