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The Hidden World of Dogfighting

My readers know that I’m dedicated to writing thrillers that are believable as well as exciting. My plots are always at least theoretically possible. Very often, the things I learn about inform the fiction in my books. This was the case when I was writing Full Metal Jack. I can’t wait to hear what you […]

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Justice for Adam Walsh

Missing children is a subject that pervades all of my Jess Kimball books. It’s a devastating topic, of course, but it’s what drives Jess Kimball. She won’t rest until she’s found her son, who was kidnapped as an infant. Jess Kimball’s job as an investigative journalist for Taboo Magazine keeps her fighting along the way […]

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Tampa’s Food Halls

The Hunt for Justice books are set in Tampa, Florida, where the fictional star of this series, Judge Willa Carson, lives with her husband George and their two labradors. George owns a 5-Star restaurant and they live on the premises. Wouldn’t you love to have gourmet room service meals prepared precisely as you wish every […]

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Murder, Mystery and Food in Florida?

You know I love reading a book on a warm beach, which is why my Hunt for Justice Mystery Series is set in the Sunshine State. I know, I know— who doesn’t? But bear with me. I’m not talking only about Disney World and the beaches. As a mystery writer, I try to peer into […]

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True Crime: Murder and Mayhem in Florida

Murder in Paradise is a tantalizing theme. Don’t you agree? There’s something about the contrast between beautiful weather and mystery that makes stories more compelling, I think. That’s what compels me to set a lot of my books in Florida — especially my Hunt for Justice series. While researching my plots to make them as […]

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Tampa, Books, and Coffee!

Regular readers know I love coffee. My morning always starts with three mugs of black coffee and some days, more. Not surprisingly, coffee features prominently in my books, too.  Judge Willa Carson from my Hunt for Justice Series loves Coffee Con Leche, and understandably so. You would caffeinate aggressively too, if you were a busy […]

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Where to Dine in Tampa

One of my favorite things about the Tampa Bay Area (besides the natural beauty, of course…) is discovering the little nuggets of its unique history. That’s what a writer loves to do — we soak up everything. And in the process we’re able to see how the big picture developed and show it to you […]

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Tampa Bay Runners

Are you a runner? I’m an occasional runner, but Judge Willa Carson is devoted to the sport. She’s the star of my Hunt for Justice Series. Running isn’t just a random activity that I drew out of a hat for Willa Carson. It makes perfect sense that she’s a runner, based on the numerous benefits […]

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So what is Prepper Cuisine? Find out!

If you’ve read books in my Hunt for Jack Reacher series, you know Reacher is an expert at living off the grid. With an estimated 3 million Preppers living in the US, he’s not the only one.  A ‘Prepper’ is someone who prepares for emergencies. The level of preparedness and types of emergencies that Preppers […]

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Prepper Bunkers and Shelters

If you’ve read books in my Hunt for Jack Reacher series, you know Reacher is an expert at living off the grid. But he’s not the only one. The most crucial aspect of being a Prepper is radical self-reliance. Ultimately, Preppers seek to have the necessary equipment and knowledge to protect themselves and their loved […]

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