Lost at sea…

How many of you have read Ground Truth yet? What did you think?

In  Ground Truth, Greta Campbell is declared “lost at sea.” Her sister, Hanna Campbell, believes Greta is still alive and hires Michael Flint to find her.

How realistic is this story? Well…

You would be surprised by how many individuals mysteriously vanished at sea throughout history. Here’s an article listing all that we know of.

If a person has been missing for a length of time but there is no body, there is what’s called a “presumption of death.” Generally, there is a specific amount of time to wait before a person is declared dead, and this depends on the country or state in which it happened. But in other cases, it can be a shorter period of time if the circumstances surrounding the individual strongly point to their death (i.e. a plane crash or boat wreck). This situation is portrayed in the movie “Cast Away.”

Sometimes people who are presumed dead turn up alive, although this is rare. One instance was a man named John Burney. He had severe financial difficulties and vanished in 1976, then later reappeared in December 1982, after his wife and his company had already received the death benefits. The life insurance company sued him, and the court ruled Burney’s actions fraudulent. You can read more about this and the concept of being presumed dead here.

Ground Truth is available now!

Ground Truth

The thrilling new unputdownable Michael Flint novel from Best Selling Author Diane Capri!

Greta Campbell was lost at sea four years ago. Or was she?

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Hanna Campbell is stunned to see her long dead sister mingling in a crowd on a televised news report.

Craving a second chance, Hanna hires Michael Flint, the man who boasts he can find anyone, anywhere, anytime – dead or alive.

Flint is off his game and Hanna’s sister is no ordinary missing person.

When Flint uncovers a series of heinous murders he learns one of the world’s most influential men is to blame.

But powerful men are dangerous and in his race to save Hanna, Flint must put his whole team in the crosshairs.

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