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The Crime With No Tangible Weapon

What words do you associate with white collar crime? Maybe: Fraud? Finances? Business? Government? Justice? What about victim? Do white collar crimes have victims? If you’ve read my Jess Kimball Thrillers, Fatal Demand and Fatal Error, you know the answer is most emphatically yes. The FBI describes white collar crime as “characterized by deceit, concealment, […]

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For the Love of Cars: Why Michigan?

As a mystery author, I’m convinced that the greater the variety of facts you know, the more intrigue it’s possible to insert into a story. My books take place all around the world, from Florida to Michigan to Rome. You’d be surprised what kind of details come into play sometimes when I’m researching and writing […]

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Washington Harbor Ice Skating

If My Characters Had Winter Break: Traditions Around the States

This time of year I’m especially appreciative of Florida. Largely for the same reasons many of my books take place in Florida. The high today is 78 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius)— and it’s almost December! Just like Florida can do a mean Halloween, Florida can pull off a heck of a holiday/Christmas/winter celebration, too! One […]

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Thriller Book Bundle Competition

Enter to Win a Bundle of New Thrillers!

Do you love reading thrillers? If you’ve found your way to my blog, I’m guessing you do! Good news! We are giving away a bundle of FOUR THRILLERS to THREE separate winners! The books come from several authors including myself, in thriller genres including conspiracy, historical mystery, crime, and psychological thrillers. The three winners will receive four books […]

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Greenway Estate

Agatha Christie’s Vacation Home

Where do great minds think? I often wonder where other authors do their thinking. I know Lee Child works from an office in his Manhattan apartment. As for myself, I work part of the year writing mysteries and thrillers in my Florida office, and I spend part of the year writing and researching books in Traverse […]

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Strawberry Festival Florida

Saturday Special: Happy National Strawberry Day!

So, this week I told you about a new series I’m working on. It’s about Michael Flint, The Heir Hunter. It involves a very cold case. An armed robbery gone bad back in 1989. Two people were murdered and one escaped. Where is the killer today? It’s all completely fiction, of course!  And then I […]

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It’s A Bad Month for Italian Crime

When we hear about a food product “Made In Italy,” or when we imagine eating at an Italian café or shopping at a produce stand on the streets of Rome, it’s a mouth-watering, dreamy, appetite-inducing fantasy, isn’t it? But law enforcement officers have let us know this month that we can’t take that for granted. There […]

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Crime Books

Florida Crime: Blame It On The Heat?

Crime in Paradise is a frequent theme of my books. I’ve written eight books set in the Sunshine State. Partly because I live in Florida and know it well. But also because the statistics show that Florida’s weather may influence crime rates and the types of crime found in the state. When we think of […]

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The Fingerprint Beneath Your Fingerprint

Fingerprints are far from foolproof. When it comes to evidence, when it comes to self-locking and unlocking devices, when it comes to having prints taken for official purposes… and everything else fingerprints are used for in this day and age, a dirty or fake fingerprint can throw off the whole process. But there’s a kind […]

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DNA Fact

5 Recent, Weird, and TRUE Pieces of DNA News

As a crime writer, I love DNA to the moon and back. Seriously— DNA is so valuable for clues and evidence in the books I write, I don’t know what I’d do without it. Well, no one would exist without it. But you know what I mean. DNA is frequently the subject of mind-bending news […]

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