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Small jet travel

Many of you know that Special Agent Kim Otto has a lot of anxiety… particularly when traveling on a small jet. With good reason. My research shows Otto is spot on. I incorporated some of this research into  Lone Star Jack including a few of these fascinating statistics.

According to this article from executiveflyers.com, “Statistics show that small planes are involved in more accidents, and have a higher number of fatalities per million hours flown.”

Common causes include multiple factors, such as pilot error, lack of advanced technologies of commercial flights, wake turbulence, weather conditions, and wildlife strikes (according to the article, “The vast majority of [wildlife] strikes have been at lower altitudes, which is the airspace in which small planes operate in.”)

There are advantages to private jet travel, of course. Which is why Kim Otto faces her fears and flies small planes anyway.

But it’s no wonder Kim gets nervous on small jets! How will she fare with this latest experience? Read Lone Star Jack to find out!


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The Lee Child source book is Echo Burning


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