What is the Detroit Athletic Club?

In the beginning of Bulletproof Jack, a dead body shows up on Kim Otto’s doorstep, introducing a new mystery to solve. But earlier in the evening before this incident, Kim was having dinner at the Detroit Athletic Club. When I worked in Detroit, the DAC was one of my favorite spots. Do you know it?

The DAC was founded in 1887 and modeled after the Palazzo Farnese, or the Farnese Palace, in Italy. It’s a private social club and athletic club located in the heart of Detroit’s theater, sports, and entertainment district, just across the street from the historic Music Hall.Over the years, the DAC has provided financial assistance and training opportunities for many athletes preparing for the Olympic Games. For example, at the 1956 U.S. Olympic Team Trials, springboard divers Jeanne Stunyo and Barbara Gilders-Dudeck were sponsored by the DAC. Stunyo and Gilders-Dudeck qualified for the Summer Olympic Games in Melbourne, Australia. At the Games, Jeanne Stunyo won the springboard diving silver medal, and Barbara Gilders-Dudeck finished in fourth place—less than one point from a bronze medal. You can read more about the DAC here!

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Bulletproof Jack

Reacher sent a messenger. They stopped him with two bullets.
An unidentified man breaches all security and is executed by a skilled assassin on FBI Special Agent Kim Otto‘s doorstep.
In his pockets she finds an advanced encrypted cell phone.
Nothing else.Kim arranges to extract the body and removes it to a private morgue for secret autopsy.
None of the man’s biometrics match the databases.
His identity remains concealed.With nothing else to go on, questions multiply.
Kim absolutely needs to know.
Who was this guy? Why was he trying to reach her? Who killed to stop him?As the bodies pile up, Kim’s search leads her to Jack Reacher’s former lover in Lee Child’s Make Me.
Michelle Chang knows Reacher well enough to be reliable, but Chang’s explanations are cryptic.
When Kim presses harder for intel, Chang bolts.The deadly investigation leads Kim from Detroit to Canada’s treacherous Niagara Falls region.
Where expert killers and powerful government agents are not bulletproof.
But Jack Reacher is.

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