Killer Road Rage!

Have you experienced road rage?
If you’ve ever been behind the wheel, it’s almost a guarantee you’ve felt some kind of annoyance or irritation caused by other drivers on the road. Aggressive or angry behavior by motorists can lead to arguments, threats, and physical altercations.
A number of studies have found that individuals with road rage are predominantly young (33 years old on average) and 96.6% male. Some such drivers have much, much stronger reactions…
According to this article, three types of actions that can be triggered by extreme road rage include:
  1. Shouting, excessive horn honking, or obscene gestures.
  2. Actions such as cutting off another vehicle, driving closely, blocking another vehicle so that it can not use a traffic lane, chasing another vehicle or running it off the road, or deliberately slamming into a vehicle.
  3. Stopping on the side or in the middle of the road and exiting one’s vehicle to threaten, attack, fight, or injure another person.


A study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, found reports of more than 1,250 incidents of extreme road rage per year between 1990–1996 in the United States. Many of these ended with serious injuries or fatalities — followed by prison sentences for the perpetrators.
Which made my writer’s brain begin to wonder…what if murder were disguised as road rage? That question led to the exciting plot in my upcoming new release.

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His genius was not enough to keep him alive.

Road rage has gone too far. When his classic muscle car is shoved off a mountain road near Denver, the car tumbles down the mountainside and bursts into flames. The young driver dies in a fiery blaze.

Jess Kimball is assigned to cover the case for Taboo Magazine. Right from the start, Jess suspects murder. But where’s the motive?

As Jess works with Denver PD and the FBI, she confirms the killer was an expert.

And the sniper isn’t finished.

When Jess uncovers a drug and money laundering enterprise worth millions, she becomes the killer’s next target.

Now he’s stalking Jess.

He only needs one fatal shot.

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