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What caused you to become an avid reader? Can you remember the first novel you ever read? Many Capristers tell me they fell in love with Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, creating a life long love affair with mysteries. How about you? Hit reply to this email and tell me.

So now that the holiday giving season is officially underway, I wanted to share some ideas for affordable reading with you. You can use them yourself or share with your friends and family.

Of course, we would all like to read more books, right? Time is the usual constraint, but for many readers these days, it’s also budget and availability. There are solutions for all of these issues now.

Unlike the days when Mom took us to the library once a week, access to great books has never been easier. Most of us have access to phones or tablets or ereaders, and that technology has opened up the reading world in a way that we’d never have predicted.

One of the best and easiest options to use is Libby.

You can read from your local library for free on your devices using Libby.

The Libby app is a worldwide program that lets readers borrow digital books from libraries. It’s completely free and includes eBooks and audiobooks. How cool is that!?!

First, you will need a library card and your library will need to have copies of the books available.

Many libraries can get the books for you, even if they don’t have them in their catalogue at the moment. All you need to do is ask your librarian. Yes, it’s that simple.

It’s so easy to browse thousands of books! And it’s a great way to access new stories without having to spend money. Great for kids, students, and adults of all ages.

Did you know I’ve written more than fifty books? Most are mysteries of one sort or another. A complete list is at the bottom of every email I send you, and you can also find them on my website here: https://dianecapri.com/books/

If there’s a book of mine you haven’t read yet, Libby is an excellent opportunity to read it for free!

You can read about how to set up Libby on your device here. Once you have the app, just search for “Diane Capri” to see what’s available. If your library doesn’t have what you want, ask your librarian to get it for you. Happy Reading!

Lone Star Jack is available now!


Lone Star Jack

Order the eBook or Audiobook: Apple Books

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The Lee Child source book is Echo Burning


Meanwhile —

Caffeinate and Carry On!

Diane Capri

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Lone Star Jack Available Now!

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Lone Star Jack books, paperback, iPad, iPhone

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Lone Star Jack books, paperback, iPad, iPhone

Lone Star Jack and Echo Burning

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