Woman Missing For Years… Now Found!

If you’ve read the description of Ground Truth, then you know the premise centers around Hanna Campbell, who sees her long lost sister in a crowd—a sister who had supposedly died four years ago at sea.
But did you know a similar story reached the news in 2020? During my research, I came across  this fascinating story of Angelica Gaitan, who was missing for two years and then found, suddenly, alive at sea. 

Gaitan was discovered by two fishermen 1.2 miles off the coast of Puerto Rico. They originally thought she was a piece of driftwood, until she raised her hands signaling for help.
When she was rescued, she proclaimed, “God did not want me to die.”
This fascinating story of a woman lost at sea and then found informed my story,  Ground Truth.  If you’d like to know more about Ms. Gaitan’s story, you can read the article here.

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