Kim Otto’s reasonable fear…

Capristers know that Kim Otto worries about human error on all sorts of flights. She is also afraid to dive head-first into danger in her search for Jack Reacher. In fact, Kim Otto has a lot of anxiety — but she refuses to let those anxieties rule her life. She feels the fear — and does whatever needs to be done.

Lee Child told me once that Kim Otto’s concerns about flying are “ridiculous”! I suspect Jack Reacher would say the same.

But then, Reacher would rather walk or take the bus than catch a plane. So maybe there’s something both those guys are not telling us about their own fears, eh?

Turns out that Kim’s worries about flight issues can be completely justified. Here’s just one example of both human error and human heroics from aviation history.

In 1981, an Air California jet crashed at John Wayne Airport after an air traffic controller incorrectly cleared the plane for landing. Thankfully, the pilots did a great job and only 4 of the 96 passengers and crew sustained minor injuries. It could have been much, much worse. But a scary occurrence nonetheless!
There are many more stories about mishaps on flights caused by human error, mechanical defect and the like that validate Kim’s worries.
Life is risky, right?

But Kim Otto isn’t going to be stopped by her anxieties. She just pops another antacid to calm her queasy stomach and forges ahead.

Kim Otto is one of the bravest people I know. Her willingness to proceed in the face of known dangers is the very definition of courage, isn’t it?

Soon, she’ll have more chances to make better choices in Bulletproof Jack. Wonder what she’ll do?

Go ahead. Shoot the messenger.

Reacher sent a messenger. They stopped him with two bullets.
An unidentified man breaches all security and is executed by a skilled assassin on FBI Special Agent Kim Otto‘s doorstep.
In his pockets she finds an advanced encrypted cell phone.
Nothing else.
Kim arranges to extract the body and removes it to a private morgue for secret autopsy.
None of the man’s biometrics match the databases.
His identity remains concealed.
With nothing else to go on, questions multiply.
Kim absolutely needs to know.
Who was this guy? Why was he trying to reach her? Who killed to stop him?
As the bodies pile up, Kim’s search leads her to Jack Reacher’s former lover in Lee Child’s Make Me.
Michelle Chang knows Reacher well enough to be reliable, but Chang’s explanations are cryptic.
When Kim presses harder for intel, Chang bolts.
The deadly investigation leads Kim from Detroit to Canada’s treacherous Niagara Falls region.
Where expert killers and powerful government agents are not bulletproof.
But Jack Reacher is.

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