Two critical locations in Bulletproof Jack

What are some of your favorite geographical wonders? There are so many sights to see around the world! Niagara Falls is a critical location in Bulletproof Jack. Of course, to a crime writer like me, the important things are the most dangerous aspects and I’ll share some of those with you below.

But if you’ve been to Niagara Falls, then you know just how marvelous and breathtaking the view can be!

Did you know that the Falls are roughly 12,000 years old? They were formed when melting glaciers created the Great Lakes. Lake Erie ran downhill toward Lake Ontario, and the rushing waters carved out a river in their descent. When the river passed over a steep cliff-like formation (the Niagara escarpment), the water began to wear its way back up the river. The path that it left is known today as the Niagara Gorge. You can find more fun facts about Niagara Falls here!

Also along the Niagara Escarpment is The Devil’s Punchbowl. It is found in the Devil’s Punchbowl Conservation Area, maintained by the Hamilton Conservation authority. It features an escarpment access trail with connections to two hiking trails nearby.  You can read more about The Devil’s Punchbowl here.

In Bulletproof Jack, Kim Otto is lured to Niagara Falls when a dead man lands on her doorstep. She sees both the Falls and the Devil’s Punchbowl in dangerous and exciting ways that I truly hope you’ll enjoy when you read Bulletproof Jack.

Go ahead. Shoot the messenger.

Reacher sent a messenger. They stopped him with two bullets.
An unidentified man breaches all security and is executed by a skilled assassin on FBI Special Agent Kim Otto‘s doorstep.
In his pockets she finds an advanced encrypted cell phone.
Nothing else.
Kim arranges to extract the body and removes it to a private morgue for secret autopsy.
None of the man’s biometrics match the databases.
His identity remains concealed.
With nothing else to go on, questions multiply.
Kim absolutely needs to know.
Who was this guy? Why was he trying to reach her? Who killed to stop him?
As the bodies pile up, Kim’s search leads her to Jack Reacher’s former lover in Lee Child’s Make Me.
Michelle Chang knows Reacher well enough to be reliable, but Chang’s explanations are cryptic.
When Kim presses harder for intel, Chang bolts.
The deadly investigation leads Kim from Detroit to Canada’s treacherous Niagara Falls region.
Where expert killers and powerful government agents are not bulletproof.
But Jack Reacher is.

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