Tampa, Books, and Coffee!

Regular readers know I love coffee. My morning always starts with three mugs of black coffee and some days, more. Not surprisingly, coffee features prominently in my books, too. 

Judge Willa Carson from my Hunt for Justice Series loves Coffee Con Leche, and understandably so. You would caffeinate aggressively too, if you were a busy judge pursuing justice. Luckily, she lives in Tampa Bay, which is known for its amazing food and drink scene (besides the natural beauty, of course…).

Tampa Bay boasts a wide array of cafes that cater to tourists and locals looking for the best coffee available. Of course, with so many options, it can be difficult to choose. 

My favorite coffee shop is called The Oxford Exchange. There’s no place even remotely like it that I’ve ever heard of. You can read more about it here. Hint: There’s a bookstore at one end of the hall!!!

Here’s a look at a few other fun options for java lovers. 

Jet City Espresso Hyde Park offers a variety of organic fair trade coffees from its historic home location. All items are served to go, with a wide selection of coffees and baked goods. Their cozy front porch is the perfect place to kick-back while sipping on a Cafe con Leche or chowing down on their delicious breakfast and lunch specials. 

Image courtesy of Blind Tiger Cafe

The Blind Tiger Café has several locations across Tampa, including Ybor and SOHO. It’s no surprise this cafe chain has been a hit among coffee lovers who find its high-quality coffee made from slow-roasted beans and speakeasy-style interior design irresistable. Unlike most cafes, the Blind Tiger Café was born from a fashion brand. Entrepreneur and co-founder Robert Torres was inspired to create the cafe while working on his clothing line, Black & Denim. He felt that creatives needed more space to meet and collaborate. 

Image courtesy of Narcity.com

For music and book lovers, Mojo Books & Records is a must-see! The establishment boasts a wide variety of professionally prepared specialty coffees and teas. While sipping on a hot (or cold!) brew, visitors can peruse the shop’s book and vinyl collection. They also offer a selling and trading system where books and vinyl can be exchanged for store credit or cash. Sounds like a pretty great place doesn’t it?

Image courtesy of Arts Tampa Bay

Sacred Grounds Coffee House is one of Tampa’s highly regarded coffee communities. Established in 1996, the cafe focuses on the best quality coffees including espresso, cafe au lait, and lattes. The space functions as a community hub for many, appealing to artists, foodies, and caffeine lovers alike. The welcoming environment is often home to live local musical performances, as well as community classes. Visitors can also browse through books at the Sacred Grounds library, as well as purchase local handmade products sold on-site.

With all these places to read and relax, you’ll need some new reading material! Here are my mysteries and thrillers for you to peruse: CLICK HERE.

What about you? Are you a regular coffee drinker? Where do you get your caffeine fix?

Meanwhile —

Caffeinate and Carry On!

Diane Capri

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