Saturday Special: What To Do In London?

As I mentioned earlier, I’m heading across the pond next week to London! I won’t have a ton of free time since I have three book events to attend, but if I find a few spare hours, what should I do??


Of course, visiting a pub is one item on my ‘must-do’ list. If I had the time, I’d head out to this little place. I mean, it’s Jack in the Green, right?

Jack in the Green Inn

Speaking of having a pint, this past Tuesday was National Beer Day. Did you celebrate? I did a quick search on craft beer in London to see if the trend is international, and stumbled upon a list of the top 10 craft beer pubs in Central London:

What say you? What’s the best place to grab a beer in London?

How about a can’t-miss museum or gallery in London? On Thursday, my blog featured one of my favorites in Florida – The Dali Museum. I have to admit, as a mystery writer, the City of London Police Museum has my attention, and to visit the British Library would be fascinating. The Sherlock Holmes Museum might be a fun way to pay tribute to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle!

Sherlock Holmes

For a look at the three book events on the agenda, CLICK HERE.
I hope to meet you face-to-face at one of them if you’re nearby!

Speaking of interacting with you one-on-one, I’ve been getting some “behind the scenes” questions about Jordan Fox’s career, and how the life of a rookie television reporter generally progresses. I love engaging with readers and entertaining these sorts of questions. So I’m going to collaborate with Beth Dexter to bring you a blog post next week on the topic of a career in television reporting.

Stay tuned!

Meanwhile —

Caffeinate and Carry On!

Diane Capri

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4 Responses to Saturday Special: What To Do In London?

  1. judy April 11, 2015 at 9:46 am #

    Have a great time in London. The Sherlock Holmes Museum sounds like it would be great fun.

  2. Dianna slowey-thomas April 11, 2015 at 9:57 am #

    Sounds like you are having a great time! I’m so happy because you work so hard to bring your readers such wonderful stories you deserve to have fun even doing research and signings. Enjoy♡♡

  3. Jennifer April 12, 2015 at 2:29 am #

    i’ve just been to the V&A to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit and it is a must see!

    • Diane April 15, 2015 at 9:06 am #

      Thanks for the tip, Jennifer! Jotting this one down. 🙂

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