Twisted Justice? What Say You?

Day One of the Holiday Blog Hop!

Maybe you were hanging out with us on Friday night over on Facebook at Diane Capri Books? We were talking about which meals we like best and why: Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner. The answers surprised me a bit. How so? I’m coming to that. Hang on.

First, I know you’re wondering why this topic came up.

We had so much fun this summer teaming up with Indie Writers Unite that we’ve joined again with more than 60 Independent Authors to bring you another terrific experience we’re calling

Holiday Blog Hop!

I was searching for the Perfect Prize to offer you all for my stop on the Holiday Blog Hop. Something you’d enjoy. Something that would lure you into participating and spreading a bit of holiday cheer. Something, maybe, you hadn’t considered before.

Well, I was thinking how great it would be if we could share some Holiday Cheer this season. Maybe break bread together. Enjoy a giant dinner party. Or an amazing brunch. A few adult beverages. Or…

So the first step was to simply ask you to tell me what you like.  I know. Twisted. Sneaky. Hey – ’tis the season! But you’re going to love it anyway. How do I know? Stay tuned. I’ll explain that tomorrow when you come back here for more bonus point opportunities. But in the meantime…

What Say You?

Eat out or chef yourself? Shaken or stirred or Bloody Marys? Biscuits, Tiger Bread or Warburtons? Fried or poached or pancakes instead? What do Licensed to Thrill readers crave?

Well, from today through Friday, here’s your chance to tell us.

We start today with the first entries and prizes. Every day this week, we’ll have more chances to win and add more prizes here at Licensed to Thrill. You’ll have a good time and maybe win some great prizes, too.

Here’s the plan:

For all the details and to enter our Licensed to Thrill and Diane Capri Raffle

Due Justice for Foodies at Holiday Blog Hop!


And after you’ve entered to win here at

 Licensed to Thrill Blog

Check out these amazing chances to win at

The Holiday Blog Hop! main page!

At the main page, you can Enter to Win Great Prizes, such as these:


Folks, you already know I love to hear from you! I see everything you send to me and reply as soon as I can. No exceptions! If I don’t respond to your e-mail within 10 days, let me hear about it! Four fastest ways to reach me? Leave comments below this post.

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Thank you for reading and good luck at the hop!

p.s. We have quite a bit of news coming up over the next few months and we don’t want to leave you out!

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