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Fatal Dawn Stack

The best thriller series you’re not reading — yet! (And a gift to get you started)

Get Fatal Starts FREE And then… Many of you have been enjoying the Jess Kimball Thrillers series, but for those who haven’t had a chance to begin, I wanted to offer you a FREE copy of Fatal Starts. This special edition includes both the prequel novella, Fatal Enemy, and the first full novel in the […]

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The Case Of The Fronczak Baby

A few weeks ago we discussed the unsettling trend of baby snatching. While 90% of these infants make it home to their parents unharmed, not all stories end happily. Jess Kimball is familiar with the horrifying and often disappointing journey of searching for a missing child. Her son Peter was kidnapped as an infant when […]

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The Pleasures And Perils Of The Rocky Mountains Pt. 2

In Fatal Dawn of my Jess Kimball Thriller Series, Jess takes a road trip through the Rocky Mountains, on the hunt for her son who was abducted when he was two. Jess has been disappointed by false leads before, but this time she’s determined to find her son’s captor and make him pay. Last week we […]

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The Pleasures And Perils Of The Rocky Mountains Pt. 1

In Fatal Dawn of my Jess Kimball Thriller Series, Jess takes a road trip through the Rocky Mountains. But this isn’t a regular road trip. A phone call that changes Jess Kimball’s life forever leads her on a breathless and dangerous chase. She has no time to enjoy the pleasures — or experience the perils […]

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The Case Of The Baby Snatcher

There are few crimes as unsettling as baby snatching. This is a crime so extreme that it’s often reserved for movies. But it happens in real life and the culprits may not be who you think they are. Since 1983 around 270 babies have been abducted from hospitals, nurseries, and even their own homes. Jess […]

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When in Rome, don’t do as the Romans do.

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘Mafia’? Murder, money-laundering, scandal, wiseguys… Apart from making the perfect backdrop for action-packed thrillers, the mafia is one of the most powerful organized-crime units on the globe, raking in billions of cash each year from nefarious dealings. The mobster presence in Italy is part of the […]

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Why Biotechnology Might Save Your Life

Did you know that our survival often depends on Biotechnology? Not to mention great thriller stories! Many amazing medical discoveries from X-rays to bionic body parts can be attributed to Bio-Medical research and engineering. Both have saved millions of lives through the creation of vaccines, antibiotics and medical devices. I often use medical plots in my […]

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Fatal Past: A Jess Kimball Thriller

Secrets Beneath The Streets Of Paris

The Paris catacombs are a network of quarries and tunnels found beneath the historic city. Since its creation, the catacombs have served many purposes, from housing millions of deceased Parisians to acting as a bunker during World War II. These incredible winding tunnels still hold many of the city’s mysteries — including a few secrets of […]

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Jaycee Dugard

Jaycee Dugard: 18 Years in Captivity

June 10, 1991 started off as an ordinary day. Jaycee Dugard, 11 years old at the time, was wearing her favorite all pink outfit. Her mom had left for work early and Jaycee, shy as a child, was worrying about an upcoming field trip while walking up a hill, against traffic to the school bus […]

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Fatal Bond Quote

Travel to Africa: The Pleasures and Perils

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been discussing the pleasures and perils of some of the spots Jess Kimball passes through in Fatal Bond: A Jess Kimball Thriller. I blogged recently about Spain and Gibraltar. From Gibraltar, Jess flies onward to Africa where she spends time in several African countries. Africa is known for its […]

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