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What to do in Tampa Bay

This time of year when the temperatures drop below freezing in most of the northern hemisphere, I’m especially appreciative of my state’s warmth. But there are lots of reasons why I love Florida. Which is why my Hunt for Justice books are set in Tampa, Florida, where the fictional star of this series, Judge Willa […]

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Cigar City Brewing

The Best Craft Beer Brewery in Tampa

Are you a fan of craft beer? Although I’m more of a red wine drinker, the craft beer craze is increasingly popular. In the False Truth Serial, Jordan Fox finds herself at a craft beer brewery that turns out to be the crossroad of good friends and well-connected enemies. One of my favorite real-life craft beer breweries […]

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What Beer to Pair with False Truth 7?

When you read False Truth 7  January 26th, you will totally understand this. But for now, trust me. The best beer to pair with False Truth 7  is a cigar-infused one. Drink a cigar-infused beer, and you will be smelling and tasting Tampa, as well as Jordan Fox’s latest adventure. You might be asking yourself: […]

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