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Do you know what’s in your car? Part 2

We talked about black boxes in cars recently. This week I’ll be showing you some real-life stories where those black boxes were essential to solving real life cases.  In the 11th Willa Carson Mystery (7 novels and 5 exciting short reads for those times when you need a quick one!), NIGHT JUSTICE, Willa winds up in a […]

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Do you know what’s in your car? Part 1

Did you know that your car is recording its every move? Probably not. In the 10th Willa Carson Mystery, NIGHT JUSTICE, Willa winds up in a dire situation after a serious car accident. With evidence mounting against her, the police pull her car’s black box to get data from it about the wreck. Like many […]

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How Much Does Your Airline Know About You?

Have you ever worried about your personal information being stolen at airports when you’re using a wireless internet connection? If not, you probably should. A while ago I wrote about WI-FI precautions to take when traveling. But even if you’re like FBI Special Agents Kim Otto and Carlos Gaspar who have layers upon layers of […]

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Do You Know Who Is Watching You?

Wherever there is new technology, there are new dangers. If you’re familiar with the Hunt for Jack Reacher Series, you’ll know many the different technologies that are used by the government for surveillance. Just check out my blog post here to see how drones that look, act, and sound like insects can be used to […]

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Someone is Always Watching, but Do They See?

High above the earth, satellite cameras observe our planet, our country, and every individual living here. Some satellites are friendly; some are not. Satellites can photograph individual rocks on the moon and distant galaxies. When you think about it, you know they can find any individual on our planet, don’t you? Check out Google Earth […]

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