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Jack of Hearts

FREE Sneak Peek Sample – Jack of Hearts!

I’m happy to report Kim Otto’s Quartet Project  is still going well. The first draft of the November 2021 book is on track to be finished on time. If I can avoid distractions! Kim Otto’s quartet began with Jack Frost in March. The source book was 61 Hours. I’m dying to share this book with you. […]

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Jack of Hearts

Is Jack Reacher Worth Dying For?

The good news about 2020 for me is that the forced isolation gave me more time to write new books for you. Which is why we’ve got three full Kim Otto novels releasing in the Hunt for Jack Reacher Series in 2021. How cool is that?! Grab a coffee, kick back, and let me tell […]

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Lee Child on New Reacher Film, “Never Go Back”

If you’re like me, you have Friday, October 21, 2016 circled on your calendar. Why? It’s the new Jack Reacher movie! Never Go Back is the sequel to the 2012 film, Jack Reacher, set four years later. This time, Jack Reacher is accused of an old murder. A government conspiracy may be behind the accusation. Did […]

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Don't Know Jack

Birthday Sale! Don’t Know Jack (Reacher) only 99c!

It’s my Birthday Sale! Don’t Know Jack only $0.99! On my birthday, I’m thrilled and honored to be able to offer Don’t Know Jack on sale for only 99 cents! What? Only 99 cents? Yes! Only 99 cents! Why? Well, it’s my birthday. I mentioned that, right? And we’re celebrating the release of the second […]

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What Are You Thinking, Einstein?

Still Asking: What IS Lee Child’s Favorite Beatle Song?

Planet Introvertian Logic Before June, my friend Lee Child had been interviewed hundreds of times. Maybe even thousands. A quick Google search of his name turned up 299,000,000 hits in 0.19 seconds. An almost equally quick Google search seeking “Lee Child’s favorite songs” turned up 150,000,000 results in .30 seconds. But “What is Lee Child’s favorite […]

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Diane Capri

Who Is Your Favorite Introvert?

Are You a Martian, Like Me? Sometimes, I feel like I landed here from another planet. And I’ve felt that way since I was a young child. A psychic told me once that I see the hidden relationships others don’t see. That’s maybe one of the kinder ways people have described how I think. I’m […]

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Who IS Watching You?

Behind the Book: Who IS Watching You?

Writing the Hunt for Jack Reacher series is a terrific challenge on so many levels. I’ve written about researching the details before. Maybe you remember: How fast is an elevator ride? How far would Gaspar fall to the ground if he missed that jump from the jetway to the plane? Where are the alleys between […]

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Lee Child

Can You Name Lee Child’s Favorite Beatle Song?

Feel Like a Winner? Last week, we offered an advance reader’s copy of  Get Jack Back to anyone who could find the awesome cover on DianeCapri.com We’re offering you a second chance now! Go on! Click a little! When you find it, CLICK HERE to let us know! Meanwhile, here’s some musical inspiration to help […]

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Minute Mystery

Get Back Jack! The Good Old Days?

Anticipation…..It’s making me wait….   A while ago, we asked you to help us choose a title for the next Hunt for Jack Reacher novel. You remember that, right? We had two options. You voted. And the overwhelming winner was…..Get Back Jack. Two lucky folks won the right to name a character in Get Back […]

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