Is Jack Reacher Worth Dying For?

The good news about 2020 for me is that the forced isolation gave me more time to write new books for you. Which is why we’ve got three full Kim Otto novels releasing in the Hunt for Jack Reacher Series in 2021. How cool is that?!

Grab a coffee, kick back, and let me tell you about them…


As you know, each of my Hunt for Jack Reacher series novels uses a source book from my friend Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels as a jumping off point. Lee wrote 24 novels in his series (he’s recently announced he plans to “retire” and hand over the writing to his brother, my friend Andrew Child ).

Lee’s novels 14, 15, 17, and 18 are a sort of mini-series that hang together by the loosest of threads. The four books are all stand alone stories, but they are somewhat connected by an open question that runs throughout. You can read the four books alone, and in any order. But together, they form what I’ve been calling a quartet.

With all of this in mind, I began writing what I’d planned to be a similar Kim Otto quartet in the summer of 2019. I thought it would take me two years to write the four novels, if I put my nose to the grindstone and didn’t allow myself to get distracted. Which meant I’d finish the fourth book in time for publishing in July of 2022.

Four books, all stand alone stories, that can be read and enjoyed independently, but loosely hang together by an open question. That was the plan.

When our lives came to a complete halt during the pandemic, 2020 seemed like the perfect year to buckle down and complete Kim Otto’s quartet a bit sooner. It became a sort of challenge to keep myself occupied during troubled times.

Could I do it? Finish the fourth novel in time to release Spring 2022 instead of Summer?

I’m happy to report the project is going very well so far. I’m writing the November 2021 book right now and the first draft is on track to be finished by July 6. Six weeks for edits, and then the book goes off to production and I can begin writing the Spring 2022 novel.

Kim Otto’s quartet began with Jack Frost in March. The source book was 61 Hours.

Next up is Jack of Hearts releasing July 6. 


Here’s the cover for Jack of Hearts! Stunning, isn’t it? Cory Clubb has once again produced a winner!



Maybe you’d like to know a bit about the book. Here’s the description:

Some things are worth dying for. Rescuing innocents is one of them.

FBI Special Agent Kim Otto won’t believe Reacher’s dead until she sees his body for herself. Which she hasn’t. Yet.

But if Reacher’s not dead, where is he?

Seven years ago, in Lee Child’s Worth Dying For, Reacher rescued Eleanor Duncan and saved sixteen Thai women from fates much worse than death.

Eleanor’s tormenters were controlled by a powerful mob boss with a long memory. He wants his property back and will stop at nothing to get it.

Now Reacher comes back to save Eleanor Duncan from the mob’s terrible vengeance.

With innocent lives at stake, Otto and Burke risk their lives to pick up Reacher’s trail and race to Las Vegas for an explosive final showdown.

Because some things are worth living for.

Click on the links below to preorder Jack of Hearts or download a sample:


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Yes, the source book for Jack of Hearts is Lee Child’s 

Worth Dying For

The nice thing about this source book for my purposes is that Reacher actually made some friends and left some baddies alive for a change.  If you haven’t read Worth Dying For and you’d like to read it before Jack of Hearts releases July 6, just click on the book cover below for links to all retailers.

Meanwhile —

Caffeinate and Carry On!

Diane Capri

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