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Dangerous Women

Secret Lives of Walter Mitty, Dangerous Women and Us

What does Walter Mitty have to do with Dangerous Women or Us? Come along with me a moment. I’ll explain everything.  You’ll get a glimpse inside this writer’s mind and a glimpse of our futures. First, Walter Mitty. Walter Mitty was an ordinary man with a vivid fantasy life of personal triumph. His fantasy life […]

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Coffee Beans

Coffee: Nectar of the Gods, Right?

Regular readers know I love coffee. My morning always starts with three mugs of black coffee and some days, more. Not surprisingly, coffee features prominently in my books, too. Willa Carson loves Coffee Con Leche. Carlos Gaspar likes coffee with loads of milk and sugar. Kim Otto drinks hers black, like me. In Get Back Jack alone, there […]

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When Pigs Fly

Feeling Frazzled? Try The Law of Least Effort

Are you thinking things may get better when pigs fly? No doubt you’ve seen it splashed on bumper stickers and greeting cards and just about everywhere.  Comics like Woody Allen and Albert Brooks have spent decades entertaining us with variations on the wry joke that “Life Sucks – And Then You Die.” Yet, studies repeatedly […]

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Wattpad Loves a Mystery

Wattpad Loves a Good Mystery! Don’t You?

 Wattpad has included Due Justice in Whodunit Month!   You know Wattpad, right? The place where you can discover a world of unlimited stories? Read Due Justice this month any time, anywhere on Wattpad Loves a Good Mystery!     Start Due Justice and you won’t want to stop until you’ve read all six Justice […]

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Say What? 3 Great eBooks at 1 Crazy Low Price! But Why?

We’re Celebrating and You Get a Crazy Great Deal!** SERIOUSLY! Licensed to Thrill: Volume 3 Normally $9.99 Now on sale for $1.99 TWO DAYS ONLY! January 31 and February 1 We’ve teamed up with Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, and BookBub.com to offer you a very special price on the first three ebooks in the Justice Series for two days only. Get Due Justice, Twisted […]

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Trapped In Paradise With No Way Out

When you can’t avoid pirates, joining them is the only option. So it is for residents of South Tampa during this Saturday’s Gasparilla PirateFest. You think not? Check out this crowd during the much smaller Children’s Parade and imagine how many more will be there awaiting the arrival of the pirate ship Jose Gaspar: You’ve never heard of Jose […]

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Lee Child & Diane Capri – Better Together Contest Ends October 4!

Have you entered lately? Contest ends at midnight on October 4, Eastern Time!! We’ve added new ways to enter and new prizes, so if you entered early, please come back and enter again. Click HERE to ENTER!  What are we talking about? Here’s the recap: Contests are fun! Want to play? When we saw Amazon […]

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Fatal Enemy – NEW! Jess Kimball Short Story – Now Available!

#1 Amazon Bestselling Author Diane Capri’s Jess Kimball is a hit! Investigative Journalist and Relentless Advocate Jess Kimball returns in Fatal Enemy, a new short story available now! Download a sample or buy a copy: CLICK HERE! Jess Kimball’s Impossible Mission: Protect Crime Victims Relentless victims’ rights advocate Jess Kimball and Jack Reacher both deliver justice when […]

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He’s a Wanted Man! Do YOU Want Jack Reacher?

Lee Child’s A Wanted Man was released in the UK last week and released in the US on September 11. Of course, this means we’re celebrating with something we’ve never done before here at Licensed To Thrill. Because, after all, no one wants Jack Reacher more than FBI Agents Kim Otto and Carlos Gaspar. So what are […]

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Fabulous Florida: Experience the Sunshine State

I’m a Florida writer. I love my adopted home because, well, what’s not to love? We live in paradise. We wear flip flops year round, drive convertible cars, drink margaritas by the pitcher, and get invaded by pirates once a year (in addition to Yankees, Cardinals, Tigers, Braves, Bears, Seahawks, etc.). Everybody wants to escape […]

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