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Feral Hogs

What is The Problem with Wild Mega Hogs?

There’s a big difference between wild pigs and the pigs you see at a petting zoo. Why do we care about wild pigs? Read on….. Texas knows this. And so does Michael Flint, as you’ll read in my thriller Blood Trails. His latest assignment as an Heir Hunter takes him to Texas, where he encounters […]

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Eurostar Bullet Train

Traveling From Dallas at 200 mph

In my Hunt for Jack Reacher thriller Jack and Joe, FBI Special Agents Otto and Gaspar make a stop in Dallas. Had they needed to go to Houston from there, some recent news would have been advantageous to them: A bullet train is being built that will run between Dallas and Houston. Knowing Agent Carlos Gaspar, […]

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From Dallas, TX

Where You Can Go in 16 Hours 50 Min

What’s the longest airline route you’ve ever taken? My flight to Italy a few years ago was about ten hours long. If you’re able to sleep for six hours or so, that leaves you with an hour to get settled, a couple hours to read, and an hour to munch on meals and flip through […]

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