Best Tweets That ‘Twas

It’s been a slow week, Tweets That ‘Twas-wise. Folks were spending time with family over the holidays, which is as it should be. Those same holiday celebrations probably kept a few of you from our worthy tweets, hm?

Photo (c) Laura Lavrack

Read-worthy blogs and articles we shared this week reprised:

First, be sure to listen up! Jennette Marie Powell wishes us Happy Nude Year! (Or Words We Mishear). And then, Louise Biehl suggested we mind our vocabulary words, too. 

Ultimate good girl Jessica O’Neal shared her unusual Christmas gifts with us. Were yours as interesting?

Some of the best news for writers and readers alike was expected and confirmed after the gifting by e-Book Newser: Kindle Sets New Sales Records This Christmas Season. And USA Today reported that e-book sales were brisk, even without Oprah the book queen to help us along: Year end books: e-sales surge; where’s Oprah?

If you’re thinking about those New Year’s resolutions, maybe you want to let all that stuff go and make un-resolutions instead. That’s Hayley E. Lavik’s plan, and I think it’s a good one! Myndi Shafer takes the middle-ground, suggesting a bit of self-care.

Colin Falconer, though, is torn between the plan and the end of the world, predicted for 2012. While those who live in NYC are actually living longer than the rest of us. Who knew Life Spans in City Exceed US Average?

What are you doing about resolutions? Me, I’m a fan of the easy way. You, too?

This goal couldn’t be simpler: Amazon is offering Carly’s Conspiracy the first Judge Wilhelmina Carson e-book as a free loan for the next 60 days to Amazon Prime members.  For the next three days, to make it even easier, click here and you can download an absolutely free copy for your very own to keep forever as a gift from me to you. Happy New Year!


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The Tweets That ‘Twas @DianeCapri

If you follow me on Twitter @DianeCapri, you know I tweet an eclectic set of items that catch my fancy. Often the subjects are movies, television, and books. Sometimes, foodie and travel bits amuse or inform. The art of writing and the business of publishing are perpetual favorites, natch. I retweet blogs and items that […]

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Frivolous Friday – Need a New Cocktail!

Okay folks, something totally frivolous today. I’m having a small party and I’m tasked with serving a new cocktail. Seems this group is a little bored with our usual red wines. (Yes, I agree – how could anyone be bored with red wine?) I’m no mixologist, so I did what all modern women do. Right. […]

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“A Christmas Story”: Ralphie’s Perfect Gifting Secret

There’s no better feeling than hitting the gifting bulls-eye, especially when the best gift is shared in a face-to-face moment. Every kid knows receiving great gifts feels wonderful. But we adults know giving great gifts feels even better. ‘Tis truly better to give than to receive. Except when it isn’t. Whether they cost precious time, […]

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Healthy, Wealthy and Wise: Lessons from Steve Jobs

Last night, I watched 60 Minutes, for the first time in more than a decade. Why? Because the episode featured Steve Jobs’ self-selected biographer, Walter Isaacson. As I said back in August, I was late to the Apple party, but I became a total convert long before I knew Mr. Jobs was ill with cancer, or […]

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Thank you, Steve Jobs

I blogged about Trailblazer Steve Jobs earlier this summer when he announced his resignation as CEO. At the time, a friend lamented, “He would never have quit if he wasn’t seriously ill. He won’t live much longer.” While I secretly feared this was true, I also hoped my friend was wrong. I hoped Mr. Jobs was recovering […]

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Monday Mystery Mob™ Solution

The Monday Mystery Mob™ reached the following conclusions. Do you agree? #1 Death After Dinner: The study of twins in science is evolving and far from settled. Although fertility treatments produce frequent twins in today’s world, identical twins (called monozygotic, meaning two embryos developed from a single fertilized egg) remain statistically rare. They occur only once […]

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Trailblazers: Jane Austen and Alexander McCall Smith

Is there a place for the positive in crime fiction? Regular readers of my novels know I believe the answer is yes. We must extrapolate a bit, but it seems Alexander McCall Smith, author of the hugely successful Ladies No. 1 Detective Agency series, may agree. In an article published this month titled “Beauty Locked […]

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Monday Mystery Mob ™

Start your week with a little mystery. Match wits with the Monday Mystery Mob™. What’s your solution? #1 – Death After Dinner The Monday Mystery Mob™ had finished their schnitzel, gathered strudel and schnapps. Helga Bittner settled in to lead the after dinner traditional crime puzzle discussion. “We’ve got a good one tonight. You’ll never […]

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Trailblazers 102: Obsessed With Success

The Help, based on Kathryn Stockett’s novel set in Jackson, Mississippi, where the author grew up, is this summer’s hottest success story.But perhaps more important is the rest of the story. Do you know it? The film’s tag line promises: “Three extraordinary women are about to take an extraordinary step…” Indeed they did and the film is […]

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