Have you heard of Prepper University?

When it comes to ways of being prepared, the list is seemingly endless. Being a Prepper is more than having necessities such as food, water and first-aid equipment on hand. It requires having the right knowledge and always being alert and ready to protect yourself and your loved ones at a moment’s notice.

Jack Reacher’s years of experience in the army prepared him to live off the grid and operate without dying. Although he uses electrical power and gasoline from time to time, he doesn’t have a home of any kind. The man is so elusive and strategic that he’s bound to be one step ahead of almost everyone around him when the need arises. 

If, like Jack Reacher, you have a military background, you probably know a lot about prepping already. However, many individuals lack knowledge on a wide range of topics related to prepping. That’s why there are a growing number of prepper schools and training programs.

From online programs to outdoor wilderness training, there are numerous educational opportunities for those seeking to hone their prepper skills.

Most people associate prepper training with homesteading and self-defense. Although these are important components of prepping, financial preparedness, as well as mental and emotional strength training are often hot topics in addition to basic medical training and first aid.

Here’s a look at some of these programs offered in the USA. 

Based near Cable, Wisconsin ReWild University provides courses both online and on the ground. This program offers “Forest Monk” programs, which are a combination of wilderness skills and martial arts. Participants spend four months living together in tents or natural-made shelters in northern Wisconsin’s vast wilderness. This program is suited for those seeking to advance their skills in forest navigation, minimalist camping, and fire-making. 

Another school in Virginia, called Advanced Survival Training, caters to intermediate and expert students, although beginners are welcomed. The school was founded in 1997 by Tim MacWelch. Most of the classes offered range from 2-5 days each month. Some specialties are how to forage for and cooking skills. Primitive cooking techniques include learning to build a stone oven and how to dig a steam pit for cooking in the ground. 

The Alderleaf Wilderness College in Washington state has earned its reputation for courses in wildlife tracking, permaculture and wilderness survival among other skills. At the college, students can learn to forge their own knives in blacksmithing courses or how to search for edible wild mushrooms. 

Reacher’s extensive training and military service provided him with unique advantages many preppers don’t have. His background makes him the perfect partner for FBI Special Agent Kim Otto as she’s caught in the middle of a dangerous war between peaceful peppers and the Mexican cartel who would kill them all.

Can Otto afford to wait for Reacher? Or will she die trying to save the peppers on her own?

Find out in my latest Hunt for Jack Reacher thriller, Prepper Jack.

Meanwhile —

Caffeinate and Carry On!

Diane Capri

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