The Case Of The Baby Snatcher

There are few crimes as unsettling as baby snatching.

This is a crime so extreme that it’s often reserved for movies. But it happens in real life and the culprits may not be who you think they are. Since 1983 around 270 babies have been abducted from hospitals, nurseries, and even their own homes.

Jess Kimball knows the horror these parents experience all too well.

Peter was kidnapped as an infant when Jess was little more than a child herself. Now, she channels her will to find answers into her work as an investigative journalist for Taboo Magazine. She’s gotta make a living. Working for victims’ rights helps her and others like her. And someday, her work may lead her to Peter.

She will never rest until she gets her son back. Is this her chance?

While men are often profiled as kidnappers, women are the most likely culprits when it comes to baby snatching. The typical infant stealer is of childbearing age and often has children of her own.

What’s the motivation?

Some baby snatchers are in unstable relationships and have devised a plan to guilt their partners into staying with them by lying about a pregnancy. As the lie progresses, they must figure out how to produce a child on cue to maintain their relationships.

These women are often cunning and extremely manipulative. They may befriend a potential victim at a prenatal class, or hang around hospitals pretending to be staff. Some particularly brazen baby snatchers have kidnapped infants directly from their homes. In the most extreme cases, babies have been stolen from the mother’s womb.

Most hospitals are now equipped with hallway cameras and complex alarm systems to help ward off kidnappers. As an added precaution, infants are footprinted, photographed and marked with special tags within hours after birth.

These tags recently prevented an abduction in a California hospital when the baby’s security bracelet triggered an alarm while the culprit tried to escape. Wow!

According to the FBI, parents can protect their newborns by being aware and reviewing their privacy settings when using social networking sites. Parents should also exercise caution when posting birth announcements in newspapers with specific details regarding the family.

The good news is that there are many heroes who work tirelessly to ensure that 90% of these babies make it home to their parents unharmed.

But even when the justice system fails, there are those like Jess Kimball who relentlessly seek to deliver justice and advocate for victim’s rights. Jess pursues legal justice and draws lines she will not cross. But how can she win against killers who refuse to follow the rules?

In the meantime, Jess Kimball’s tireless work may lead to answers in the case of her own missing child.

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