Hired to Do the Impossible: Can Michael Flint Find The Man and Save the Boy?

The New Release in my Heir Hunter Series starring Michael Flint is available NOW!

“Action and suspence from the beginning. Twists and turns till the end.” – H.C.
Flat-out–I loved this book, I loved the story.” Bill W.


Trace Evidence is the second novel in this exciting, fast-paced thriller series starring Michael Flint, heir hunter of last resort. A forensic genealogist and former clandestine agent specializing in high-end private investigations, he promises clients he can find anyone, anytime, anywhere—dead or alive.

Trace Evidence by Diane Capri

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The son of billionaire tech CEO Veronica Beaumont is in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant. With the boy’s health rapidly declining, Veronica hires Michael Flint, the heir hunter of last resort, to do the impossible: find Josh Hallman, the boy’s father, to provide a hoped-for donor match.

Six years ago, Hallman piloted a plane that crashed, claiming the lives of two friends. Hallman’s body was never recovered, and he’s been presumed dead ever since. But Flint is beginning to have doubts—because he’s not the only one looking to find Hallman. The difference is, Flint wants to find Hallman alive—and keep him that way.

Now, in a race against time to save a child’s life, the best heir hunter in the business is determined to find Hallman, if he’s alive, before two relentless killers do. And when the Beaumont job uncovers new clues to a cold case that has haunted him his entire life, Flint finds himself wrestling with the toughest challenge of his career: Just because he can find someone, does that mean he should?

The Heir Hunter Series kicks off with my hit thriller Blood Trails. Learn more about the series HERE.

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