Man Finds $3.7 Million… Where?!

True Story: Major Surprise Comes with Man’s Inherited House

In my book Blood Trails, I write about how complicated it can get when there is a fortune to be inherited.

Blood Trails

In the case of Blood Trails, a fictitious wealthy Texan named Sebastian Shaw hires Flint to find the woman who owns the mineral rights to the largest independently owned land grant oil field in Texas. If the woman doesn’t sell her mineral rights, Shaw won’t own the field. And if Flint doesn’t find the woman, he doesn’t get paid. Or at least… that’s how things work in theory. It’s never as simple as it should be, is it?

In Normandy a few months ago, a case turned up where it was very clear who the heir was, but what wasn’t clear at first blush was the precise nature of the inheritance.

The lucky Frenchman, whose name hasn’t been made public, inherited a large house in Normandy from a relative. Initially, he thought it was just a house. But when he started moving furniture around, he found the treasure:

-A tin box full of coins screwed to the bottom of a piece of furniture.

-A whiskey box full of coins.

-Gold under piles of linens

-Gold in the bathroom

-A valuable stockpile of gold bars and plates.

(By the way, in case you had any question about the value of gold bars, you can read where I blogged about them HERE because they come into play in my Hunt for Jack Reacher book, Deep Cover Jack.)

In total, the surprise gold found by the lucky anonymous man weighed 220 pounds, comprised of five thousand gold pieces, two 26-pound bars, and 37 two-pound ingots. Altogether, worth about $3.7 million.

Gold Coins

Michael Flint, Heir Hunter, you’re off duty for this case!

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