Monday Mystery Mob™ Solution

The Monday Mystery Mob™ reached the following conclusions. Do you agree?

#1 Death After Dinner: The study of twins in science is evolving and far from settled. Although fertility treatments produce frequent twins in today’s world, identical twins (called monozygotic, meaning two embryos developed from a single fertilized egg) remain statistically rare. They occur only once in 300 births. Seven known cases of monozygotic twins switched with another child at birth have been reported; greater numbers of fraternal twins have been reared apart. Due to genetics, scientists find twins share many habits and attributes, including gestures, body weights, DNA, and perfectly matching bone marrow.

The science of fingerprints is also evolving and fingerprints are not entirely genetic.  For example, they are believed to be affected by a variety of factors during pregnancy, including growth rates and nutrition.

While no scientific proof establishes their uniqueness, to date no two people have been conclusively proven to share identical fingerprints. Fingerprint matching is not infallible and may be successfully challenged in court, but in our puzzle the authorities were able to use the fingerprints on the beer bottle to identify which of the twins wielded the murder weapon, just as they do hundreds of times every day when solving real crimes.

For more information on fingerprint individuality evidence go here.



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