How To Prep For Your Pets

I often choose the title of my books first, and then write the story to fit the title. Prepper Jack is one of those books. In the case of Prepper Jack, innocent preppers are caught in the fallout as ruthless cartels battling for American drug dollars seek to devastate the community and destroy the people–and pets–who live there.

Preppers share a common goal of being self-sufficient and prepared for the potential collapse of society. For many preppers, this includes coming up with strategies to protect their four-legged family members. Of course, preparing for a pet can add new challenges and requires some special considerations. 

Whether you’re a prepper or just conscientious pet owner, here are some ways you can protect your furry friends in the event of an emergency.

1. Determine how you can safely transport your animals in the event you need to evacuate your home suddenly.  Are they able to walk, or do they need to be carried or transported in a kennel? 

2. Put together an emergency bag, with at least 72 hours worth of food and water for each pet. To cut down on weight, collect dried pet food rather than cans or purchase food that both you and your pets can eat, such as tuna. Make sure to pack thermal blankets, a collar and leash, a food bowl, and grooming supplies. Don’t forget to pack toys and treats too!

The more pets you have, the more baggage you will have to bring in addition to your own gear. Those with medium to large-sized dogs may be able to utilize a saddlebag for dogs, which allows them to carry some or all of the weight of their own supplies. 

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3. Make sure that your pets are up to date with all of their vaccinations and that you have saved at least a month’s worth of any medications that they may need. A pet first aid kit is essential, along with treatment for ticks and fleas. 

4. Propper training is a must! Ensuring that your animals are well trained is another way to protect both them and yourself in risky situations. For many preppers being stealthy, and not drawing attention is a primary concern. Prepper training focuses on ensuring that animals are kennel trained, can bark on command, and remain silent when necessary. Some take training a step further by ensuring that their pets are accustomed to guns, fire, and smoke to prevent them from being spooked in an emergency scenario. 

What say you? What is your plan for protecting your pets in the event of an emergency?

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