Travel to Africa: The Pleasures and Perils

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been discussing the pleasures and perils of some of the spots Jess Kimball passes through in Fatal Bond: A Jess Kimball Thriller. I blogged recently about Spain and Gibraltar.

From Gibraltar, Jess flies onward to Africa where she spends time in several African countries. Africa is known for its beautiful landscapes and exotic safaris — but these pleasures, of course, also come with peril. Fatal Bond is a thriller, after all.

Jess doesn’t exactly have time to sightsee while she’s on her mission in Africa, but Zambia has some great tourist attractions — one being Victoria Falls. Tourists flock from all over to see this famed attraction. Zambia also has some fascinating safaris that offer guided tours, walking tours, and all parks even offer night drives to catch elusive animals like leopards or porcupines.

Namibia, another stop on Jess’s quest, has a yearly food and wine festival. Celebrity chefs perform food demonstrations, while local jazz bands and other entertainment is provided. Some of the food demonstrations even invite guests to participate, aimed at foodies and those who appreciate food and wine. I don’t know about you, but I can relate! Local food and African wines are served to cater to all tastes. It starts with a cocktail dinner of Namibian foods and Namibian wines, and then many many tastings.

With pleasure though, also comes peril. Zambia and Namibia are both low risk for kidnapping but are surrounded by countries that are medium risk. South Africa, another stop on Jess’ visit, is a medium risk for kidnapping. 

Street crime is prevalent in Namibia. Walking alone at night is not recommended. Criminals occasionally will use knives or weapons to persuade victims to give up their belongings and electronics without harming the victims.

Motor vehicle theft is also common, as is poaching. Shootouts between poachers and law enforcement lead to serious injury or death.

Zambia has had an increase in murders since April 2016, and home invasions and sexual assaults are major issues in urban areas of the country.

Jess Kimball works her way through Spain, Gibraltar, and Africa, and experiences pleasure and peril. She might cut it close at times but in her words “life was too precious to waste even one moment of it.”

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