Why I Love Florida, Reason #1

There’s a reason a lot of my books take place in Florida. Lots of reasons, actually. But one reason? The weather. The stars of my books are smart women. Why wouldn’t they live in Florida??! 😉

Welcome to Florida

Willa Carson loves the weather in Tampa. She drives a convertible named Greta, and she can’t understand why anyone would live in Florida without a convertible. As she sees it, in a convertible, you experience all of the gloriousness Florida weather has to offer:

“Greta and I headed across the Plant Key Bridge toward the Bayshore. The sun sparkled on Hillsborough Bay while two dolphins, swimming side by side, raced Greta and me the length of the bridge.”
Twisted Justice: Judge Willa Carson Thriller (The Hunt For Justice Series)

Sounds gorgeous, doesn’t it? Sure, there are the nasty summer thunderstorms… but moments like the above make up for it. Besides, those rainy days make for a great excuse to read, don’t they? (As if we needed one!)

Rainy Reading

Typically, the coldest month in Florida is January. The average high temperature in January in Tampa is 70°F (21°C). The average low is 52°F (11°C)!

Here’s evidence:

Beach in December

This is me, in December. At the beach. Outside. Long sleeves and flip flops? Works for me!

Come visit! Books on the beach await you! If you can’t make the trip, try the next best thing: reading mysteries and thrillers set in the Sunshine State:
The Judge Willa Carson Thrillers
False Truth Mystery Serial

Meanwhile —

Caffeinate and Carry On!

Diane Capri

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