Saturday Special: 5 More Safety Apps

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But I agree with this article from Forbes, which says that Listening To Audiobooks While You Do Something Else Is The Ultimate In MultitaskingYou can listen to audiobooks on your computer, or on a mobile device through a variety of sources including iTunes, Kindle, and the Audible app.

It seems there’s an app for everything, doesn’t it?? I told you Thursday about the FBI’s Child ID app to help track down missing children, and how it might have helped Jess Kimball when her son was kidnapped.

Here Are 5 More Apps to Help With Personal Safety:

Watch Over Me
You can tell this app to track your journey, whether it be taking a cab, walking across a parking lot, or going to meet someone. You tell the app how long it should use GPS to track your location, and if you don’t check in at the end of that time period, the app alerts your emergency contacts via text, email, or Facebook. There’s even an emergency alarm which, when activated, sets off a loud siren, turns on your phone’s flashlight, and starts a video recording!!Safety App Watch Over Me

Alert ID
Alert ID provides local crime information and public safety alerts. Users can share safety information with other members of the community, report suspicious activity to authorities, see location and pictures of nearby sex offenders, and receive emergency alerts when criminal activity or environmental hazards are nearby.

Safety App Alert ID

Circle of 6
This app was designed with college students in mind, but it’s useful for anyone at risk in a social situation, and is considered especially valuable in thwarting violence against women. The user chooses 6 contacts to include in their “Circle” of trusted friends, and can quickly tap on them to assist in various situations. One icon means “Come get me,” and sends your contacts your location. Another icon asks a friend to call them and provide an interruption. Another icon tells your circle you need to talk.

Circle of 6

Sentinel Personal Security SOS
I like this app because it works even without an internet connection. It has a one-button call for help, and can instantly send your pre-assigned group of emergency contacts your location, time, and direction of travel. The app can send out alerts even if the attacker forcefully destroys the phone.

This app aims to prevent harassment by allowing the user to report street harassment. It doesn’t necessarily result in direct consequences for the accused, but it gives women and men a platform to share uncomfortable situations on the street seeking a response from policymakers.

Hollaback Safety App

Jess Kimball, victims’ rights advocate, might find all of these apps useful.
I encourage you to share this blog post with any of your friends who might find these safety apps helpful.

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Diane Capri

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