Dominick Dunne’s “Greatest Hits” Online

I hope you have a few hours to kill, because I found Dominick Dunne’s “Greatest Hits” online.

I’ve been blogging about investigative reporter Dominick Dunne because of Jess Kimball’s connections to him. He would be something like a mentor to her if he were alive. I’ve also been writing about what it means to be an investigative journalist for a magazine, and what it means to be an informal advocate for victims’ rights. Jess Kimball, like Dunne, is both. So I thought it was the perfect time to share this collection of Dunne articles with you.

Dominick Dunne Vanity Fair

Left, by Jillian Edelstein; right, by Mark Seliger

As you probably know, Dunne wrote for Vanity Fair. The magazine’s introduction to his archived works online sums up the breadth of his work this way:

“Very soon after Vanity Fair relaunched, in 1983, Dominick Dunne began his career at the magazine with a gut-wrenching dispatch from the trial of his daughter’s killer. He hobnobbed with the legends of Hollywood and high society and chronicled the great scandals of our time, from the O.J. Simpson trial to Phil Spector’s latest drama.”

-Vanity Fair

Those are the stories you’ll find at the link above. True stories. Fascinating stories. Stories from a uniquely informed point of view. Often heartbreaking, but stories that Dominick Dunne viewed as his quest for justice for victims. Seriously, I hope you have a few hours to kill, or maybe you can bookmark the site for some weekend reading. Because Dunne’s writing style and subject matter are incredibly compelling. And they make me appreciate Jess Kimball‘s quest to emulate and surpass Dunne’s success.


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