4 New Covers Revealed! Jess Kimball To Get Her Own Series!

It just occurred to me — if you aren’t subscribed to my NewsFlash!, you haven’t heard the news! Jess Kimball is getting her own series!

Jess Kimball is alone in the world. Her son, Peter, was kidnapped as an infant when Jess was little more than a child herself. She’s looking for her son while working for victim’s rights, crusading for justice as one of the country’s top journalists at Taboo Magazine.

You might know Jess Kimball from my thrillers Fatal Enemy and Fatal Distraction. I decided to give her her own series for several reasons, but mainly because some of you have written to say Jess hasn’t been getting the attention she deserves. I totally agree!!! So I’ve teamed up with my friend Nigel Blackwell to fix that. 

Along with the new series comes 2 new books, and 4 new book covers (one for each Jess Kimball book so far). Fatal Enemy and Fatal Distraction have great new covers for the celebration:

Fatal Enemy by Diane Capri

Fatal Distraction by Diane Capri

And here are the new books, to be released in early 2016:

Fatal Demand…

Fatal Demand by Diane Capri

And Fatal Error:

Fatal Error by Diane Capri

The incomparable Cory Clubb outdid himself on these designs, didn’t he? I love these new covers.

Much more to come on the new series, as well as insights into Jess Kimball’s character and history, and about Nigel Blackwell, too, in the near future — just stay tuned to my blog!

Meanwhile —

Caffeinate and Carry On!

Diane Capri

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