How Good Are You At Reading People’s Eyes?

If you’re like me, (and I bet you are in this regard…) reading is one of your favorite activities.

But do you excel at reading people’s eyes?

If you’re an avid reader, the chances are greater that you’re a pro at this.

Studies show that readers are more empathetic and enjoy social interactions more.

Fascinating, isn’t it? To put the empathy part to the test, here’s a quiz from The New York Times to test how well you understand a person’s feelings based on nuances around and within the eyes.

Empathy Test

Here’s another quiz, just for fun: do you know where Jack Reacher stayed when he visited Paris in 1990?

The answer is in Lee Child’s The Enemy, which I used as source material for my new Hunt for Jack Reacher Thriller, Jack and Joe.

Do you remember? Forget? Give up?

The answer is…

The Hotel Georges V.

When I talked with Lee Child this summer, I asked him why he chose perhaps the most luxurious hotel in Paris for Jack Reacher. You’ll have to read my blog to see his answer… but in case you aren’t familiar with the Four Seasons Hotel Georges V, allow me to show you some of the highlights:

  • 103 Deluxe Rooms, 2 Premiere Suites, and 2 Royal Suites

George V

This is the Presidential Suite bathroom. I can think of few more luxurious places to soak with a good book!

  • A legendary wine cellar with more than 50,000 bottles

Four Seasons Hotel George V

  • Le Cinq, an award-winning restaurant and recipient of two Michelin stars

Four Seasons George V Restaurant

  • Oh, and how could I forget — every room comes with an espresso coffee machine. (Coffee is FBI Agent Kim Otto’s life blood, too, you know!)

I’m guessing that if we had reservations at this hotel, we’d both read the same expression in each other’s eyes: Pure Bliss! 😀

Happy Reading this weekend, whether it’s in a luxurious Parisian bathtub or some place a bit more… simple. Don’t forget to press the comment button below and let me know how you scored on the empathy quiz!

Meanwhile —

Caffeinate and Carry On!

Diane Capri

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      Not bad, Nola!

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    31 of 36

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      Not too shabby, Holly!

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