Time Flies – Twisted Justice on Day Twelve – Don’t Miss This!!

For the past 12 days, I’ve been showcasing quotes from my mystery novel Twisted Justice on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Today is Day 12, and it feels appropriate to end with this excerpt from the book:

There is a scientific explanation for why time seems to pass more rapidly as we age. According to this theory, we humans measure time against our experience. The older we get, the more experiences we have and thus the shorter a year seems in comparison. Or ten years.

Twisted Justice, Chapter 12

Twisted Justice

Okay, so this theory explains why the years seem to be going by faster and faster. But it still doesn’t explain why, for example, time flies when you’re having fun, or why a watched pot never boils. Why does time seem to pass at varying speeds depending on the activity??

According to psychologists at the University of Alberta, time flies whenever we are very focused on one activity, while simultaneously trying to monitor the passage of time.

The more focused your brain is on one activity, the less ability it has to monitor the tick, tock, tick, tock of the clock. So, if you’re playing a rousing game of tag, you’re probably so focused on avoiding your captor that you neglect all watching of the clock.

But if you’re waiting for a pot of water to boil, your mind has little to do but observe the motion of the water, or lack thereof. That leaves your brain plenty of opportunity to check in with your internal clock, thus increasing your awareness of time, thus increasing the perception that time is dragging.

How quickly have the past 12 days passed for you? How about the past year? If it flew by, your brain’s been busy! Congratulations! (Or, you may just have a lot of years “under your belt”!) If the past year dragged by, consider looking for something on which to affix your attention in 2014.

A good suspense novel just might do the trick! Might I suggested Twisted Justice, or one of my other mysteries from the Justice Series. In my biased opinion, it’s a pretty fun way to make time fly.

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2 Responses to Time Flies – Twisted Justice on Day Twelve – Don’t Miss This!!

  1. Charmaine Friedrick December 26, 2013 at 9:31 am #

    One of the best descriptions I found of time passing – as we age – kinda like a toilet paper roll – the closer you get to the cardboard, the faster the roll goes around. 😉

  2. Diane December 30, 2013 at 10:40 am #

    Yikes! That doesn’t sound quite as lovely as we’d like, does it? LOL! 😀 Thanks for stopping by, Charmaine!

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