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Why I Love Florida, Reason #2: Miami

Do you know one major city in the U.S. founded by a woman? Take a guess at which city it is: Dallas, Texas Miami, Florida Chicago, Illinois San Francisco, California   If you guessed #2, you are correct! (The title of this blog post might have been a good clue…) The woman behind Miami’s history […]

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Diane Capri Reveals Sue Grafton

Like millions of mystery readers, I’ve been a Sue Grafton fan from the letter A. “A is for Alibi,” that is. Sue’s first Kinsey Milhone story, the one that kicked off her extremely popular alphabet series, was published in 1982. Back then, I was dreaming of writing fiction one day. Sue was a trailblazer and […]

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Tubthumping Women Rule in Fatal Distraction

Fatal Distraction, like the rest of my books, is about strong women who never, never, never give up until they triumph over life using their inherent gifts – and sometimes, humor and an equalizer. Jess Kimball and Helen Sullivan don’t have to bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan, but they know […]

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