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The Next Big Thing — Part Two — Name That Book!

Thanks to my friend Patricia Sands, here we are with The Next Big Thing — Part Two. Patricia is an author you should know, if you don’t already. She loves many of the same things you and I love. Like what? Travel, chocolate, reading, writing, and more. To check out her website and find out for […]

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Wasted Justice? No Chance – Bonus Time!

Day Three of the Holiday Blog Hop! Entered already? Enter again today! 1 New Way to Enter and Now a Bonus Gift! What are these folks doing hanging around together like that? Got a clue? I’ll bet you do! But don’t tell us yet. We’ll give you a day to think about it. And Thursday, […]

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What Does Due Justice Mean To You?

Before Kim Otto and Carlos Gaspar began hunting Jack Reacher, Willa Carson and Jenny Lane were working for Justice even as Reacher was handling different problems in his own way. Life, we know, is not fair. There’s plenty of bad luck and trouble to go around. When trouble comes, we want Due Justice.  Judge Willa Carson makes it […]

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