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Saturday Special: Please Pass the Sugar

We’ve ended the week on a deliciously sour note. If you saw my blog Thursday, you’ll know I wrote about a time when Life Handed Me Lemons… and I left you hanging. Part 2 of my story is coming next week. That’s when I get the sugar and the vodka and turn lemons into lemon […]

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When Life Hands You Lemons (Part 1)

When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Martinis — With a Twist!* Life was humming along on all cylinders for a while. Born in Alabama, I grew up in a small German-American farming town north of Detroit, where I lived a book-filled childhood and followed most of the rules. Graduated from Wayne Law School cum laude […]

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Kosha Chair

Saturday Special: Leaving Florida Behind

Around this time of year, I prepare to leave Florida behind and return to Michigan. Like a snowbird, I’ll retreat back to Florida again once Michigan starts to get too cool for comfort — meaning below 70 degrees on a regular basis. Which brings me to the first topic in this week’s Saturday Special. 1. I […]

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Jack in the Green

New Release Cover Reveal!

Today is a terrific day for me. I found out last night that YOU, the Best Readers In The World, put Deadly Dozen on the USA Today Bestseller List for the sixth straight week! Take a bow! You’re amazing! But that’s not all! I’m finally able to share a special cover with you. If you’re […]

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Saturday Special: Key West

Can you believe the first half of January has already passed us by? The buzz of the holidays has officially settled down, we’re getting back into the groove of going to work, and now there’s room for new adventures to start creeping into our lives. For me, that means a trip to Key West! I’m […]

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