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Today’s the Day! Full Metal Jack is a special book for me for a lot of reasons. I really hope you love it — and tell all your friends! This is my tenth novel in this series and the early reviews are stellar! 

And my friends Lee Child and Andrew Child have much to celebrate, too. The Sentinel is their first collaboration and the book has already hit #1 on the New York Times and #1 on the London Times Bestseller lists!

So let’s do an autographed copy of each hardcover!


To buy your copy of Full Metal Jack, we have quick buy links now for all formats, including ebook, audio, paperbacks, hard covers, and large print editions, for readers who prefer those. All the links we have are posted below:

Buy the eBook: Any Retailer
Buy the eBook or Paperback: Amazon

Buy the eBook: Apple Books
Buy the eBook or paperback: Nook

Buy the eBook: Kobo

Buy the ebook or print books: BookDepository
Buy the audiobook: Audible


Buy the source book, Lee Child’s The Affair, from any retailer: CLICK HERE 

We have an exclusive sneak peek sample for you! To download it CLICK HERE: Your Exclusive Sneak Peek Sample of Full Metal Jack!

Meanwhile —

Caffeinate and Carry On!

Diane Capri

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