You know it’s time to go to Michigan when….

You know it’s summer when All Things Michigan begin consuming this author’s thoughts! 🙂

Every year around this time, I warm up my snowbird wings and journey from the sticky Florida summers to the sweet relief of Michigan life.

Judge Willa Carson of my Hunt for Justice Series is from Michigan, too. Probably not much of a coincidence, right?

In Cold Justice, Willa and her husband George fly into Traverse City and head north to fictional Pleasant Harbor. Which would have been much more “pleasant,” I’m sure, had they chosen to vacation there in the summer instead of the icy cold winter! For that matter, their vacation would have been much better had they not almost literally slammed into murder… but that’s another story. (The story is called Cold Justice, and you can find it here.)

Soon I’ll be headed to my summer town of Traverse City, and I find myself daydreaming about what I’ll get to experience there. Sure, I’ll be doing my authorly duties most days and creating new mystery and thriller novels for you, but inserting plenty of leisure time helps keep my stories fresh and helps keep the creativity flowing.

That means it’s important to explore around nearby towns. There’s a hugely wide array of things to see and do in Michigan. For example, did you know that Traverse City is home to hundreds of bison?

Bison graze at the Oleson’s farm on US 31

It’s true. Bison aren’t native to Michigan, but they do adapt well to cold winters. These bison in particular are part of the Oleson family herd. The Traverse City herd started in 1958 when an Oleson family member brought three bison to his Michigan farm as part of an experiment. Needless to say, the experiment worked! Oleson’s Farm Fresh Market in Traverse City is now thriving, it’s an excellent place to visit, and it includes a delightful deli and bakery.

Real-life details like this are what I aim to infuse my novels with. So far, this detail hasn’t made it into a book, but you never know where random bits of knowledge will appear!

I’m looking forward to doing some of my best writing in Michigan this summer, where the thoughts roam free like buffalo.

What surprising fact do you know about your town?

Meanwhile —

Caffeinate and Carry On!

Diane Capri

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